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Can SME recruiters win job search support contracts?

Online job search support - and DWP

Money is coming into job search training/support right now. For agencies able to offer it, job search support offers a strong counter-cyclical additional service when vacancy numbers are lower.

Setting up though presents problems. Putting together a credible training programme takes time and money. Allocating dedicated staff resources can be a challenge. In a COVID world, it also all needs to be online.

There is an immediate, low-cost solution.

Five Steps to Work – a job search training/support solution for a COVID world

Gordon Yates is a recruiting and training business. We’ve been running job search training for over 15 years. Ten years ago, we were one of the UK’s top providers for a DWP/private sector partnership to get unemployed people back to work in a tough job market.

Everything we’ve learned over the years about the practical and human challenges of job search has been distilled into a five-step online course, integrated with one-to-one mentoring support. It gives 7-8 hours of self-teach learning that helps people to stand out from the crowd, turn applications into interviews and interviews into offers.

The integrated one-to-one support takes 2-3 hours in scheduled half-hour segments, so recruiters can deliver it simply and easily alongside other work.

£30,000 of investment in development – yours for just £300

Ten years ago, DWP were happy to engage with local partners. This time around, they want a single source, online delivery and UK-wide coverage. We can’t do it alone.

In late August we wrote to TEAM Members asking for partners. We had over 60 immediate expressions of interest and have been working round the clock since then, delivering zoom demos and signing up Members as partners. 

The offer was free licensing to the Five Steps to Work programme until 30th September – £300 is simply our time cost to load all the materials and set you up. About two-thirds of partners so far have opted for joint branding, which involves more work on our part and so adds another £600.

It was a time-bound offer because we need partners.

DWP – details of the requirement

Since then, DWP has clarified intentions. They want one bidder to contract for £40m of job finding support for 160,000 job seekers over a 12-month period. 

We will be submitting a joint bid on behalf of all our Five Steps to Work partners, but the deadline is 12th October 2020 and putting the bid together is a big job. It’s delayed our partner programme.

We have about thirty partners signed up and/or pending so far. Twenty more would be useful to strengthen the bid. It would be great to welcome you on board.

An expression of interest will suffice for now. Contract delivery doesn’t start until 1st January 2021. Get in touch and until our last twenty partner slots get filled, we’ll hold the £300 price for you.

Call 020 7494 4466 or email

Alternatively, book yourself a free one-to-one 30-minute Zoom demo. Find out how it works, ask all the questions you want, then decide whether this works for you

This is urgent. The more TEAM partners on board, the stronger our pitch.

Take a look today. Let’s do this together

Richard Grace, MD Gordon Yates Recruiting & Training Ltd

020 7494 4466