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Outsource, Outsource, Outsource

I don’t get it; why are so many recruitment owners averse to outsourcing?  I mean, I was CFO of Adecco and have bought and sold my own, and many of my clients' agencies.  In my experience, outsource everything that isn’t recruitment.  Focus on the core job; getting candidates out to the work.  

Worried about Losing Control? 

If it's control you’re worried about, you can still have total control.  Indeed, you will be more in control as you won’t be constantly stressed and distracted.  

A good outsourced payroll and or back office will: 

  • Eliminate key man dependency;
  • Improve efficiency;
  • Be better quality; 
  • Offer a better contractor experience; 
  • Be more professionally executed, thus improving compliance; 
  • Be cheaper; and
  • In the case of umbrella will enhance margin.    

A Whole Team of Professionals to Back you up 

My teams are dedicated to offering your clients and contractors an exceptional, professional and compliant service.  You will have a dedicated, qualified account manager and, if any of our team are sick or on holiday, we have plenty of qualified professionals to back them up. It’s our 'bread and butter'.  It is our business to understand legislation, systems, processes and procedures and your business.  My team of 28 qualified accountants and pay-rollers are at your disposal.  And because they are at your 'beck and call', you have total control.  How can you and your bookkeeper compete? 

Thinking of Exiting One Day?

And if ever you want to exit your business, are you confident that your processes and practices will hold up to the buyer's due diligence study?  Any skeletons in your closet? Any holes in your balance sheet? Are your books good enough to show? Are your books good enough to give a credible valuation and attract the best price?  The difference with us is, we are professionally qualified and trained; we will present your business accurately, reliably and credibly.  Bookkeepers and a once a year set of accounts just won’t 'cut it'.  

Fearful of Umbrella? 

Yes, umbrella gets a bad rep and it’s not surprising with all the aggressive scammers out there.  BUT you’re competing in a tough market and any compliant financial gains you can make, you should take them.  Use an FCSA accredited umbrella; HMRC are even talking to the FCSA about regulating the industry so you know you can rely on them.  Come the IR35 reforms, you may not have a choice anyway as in-house PAYE will likely wipe out your margins.  Umbrella is PAYE and has a great deal of advantages, allowing flexibility, enhancing the supply chain margins and, if FCSA accredited, totally compliant. 

Is your Accountant a 'One Trick Pony' or an 'Old Fogey'? 

Why limit your opportunity?  Work with an accountant who specialises in your type of business.  One that offers all aspects of support. 

NumberMill meets this requirement: 

  • NED support 
  • Interim Finance Directors 
  • Compliance consultancy 
  • Full back office; bookkeeping, margin reporting, timesheet billing, management accounts, credit control year-end 
  • Payroll 
  • Umbrella 
  • Online portals 
  • IR35 specialists 
  • Legal retained support 



Louise Rayner - Founder & CEO

0333 121 2001