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More Payroll Scams are Still Around – Be Vigilant!

TEAM published this warning in June 2020 and based on recent information received it appears the scammers are still active …… be alert and bear in mind if it appears to be too good a deal to be true ……… it probably isn’t!

A TEAM Member has recently been contacted by a business asking them to payroll a number of well-paid contractors.  They quoted them a margin which they agreed to without any negotiation.  When the Member asked them how they had heard about them the company said they had found them online.  Below is a brief summary of discussions that the TEAM Member had.

  • The Member received a call stating he was looking to partner with an agency for a number of his contractors on sites throughout the Midlands and London.
  • He stated that his contractors were paid typically around £30 per hour on a 40 hour week.
  • The TEAM Member explained they needed details of the company and requested he email …. Company name, address, landline telephone number, company registration number and the Director’s name.
  • He sent an email with all the relevant details including an explanation that he had two contractors to put through immediately and would look to increase that number moving forward.
  • The TEAM Member emailed the company and advised they had requested a credit facility and would be in contact in due course.
  •  The Member explained that dependent on the credit limit it may be necessary to pay on 14 day terms to avoid ever going over the insured limit and he agreed this was fine.