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Invoice Finance - funding the gap between placement and payment

For recruiters, in fact for any business supplying goods or services in the B2B space, cash flow can be stifled by waiting to be paid or managing late payments, all beyond their control. This is where invoice finance can come into its own. 

Invoice finance could give your business the cash flow injection it needs. By releasing cash against your outstanding client invoices before they have been paid, you can manage your cash flow more effectively.

With improved cash flow comes a whole host of benefits to your business, not least gaining the ability to pay temp workers quickly but also the confidence to be able to take on bigger, more lucrative deals without the risk of running out of money.

How Invoice Finance works

Invoice finance simply allows a business to release a large proportion of an invoice’s value within 24 hours of its issue.

In many cases businesses also opt for bad debt protection to make sure they still receive payment if their client can’t cover their invoices.

Invoice Finance Benefits 

Here are just a few reasons why invoice finance can be a great funding option for recruitment businesses of all sizes:

  • Boost cash flow without debt 

Invoice finance is not a loan; therefore, you’re not taking on any debt.

  • More time and resource to focus on your business 

Outsourced credit control allows you more time and energy to focus on your business.

  • Opportunities to scale

With improved cash flow you’ll be in prime position to invest in your business and realise your growth goals.

From startup and beyond

Invoice finance can be a powerful way to boost cash flow at all stages of a business’s growth journey.

One of the challenges for anyone starting a business is securing finance for their new venture.

Invoice finance provides quick access to cash without the worry over building up debt. It’s flexible, so your credit facility can increase quickly to accommodate your financing needs to accelerate business growth.

Even for more established businesses, negative cash flow is often the biggest barrier to growth. Invoice finance can turn aspirations into reality, freeing up cash to invest and expand your business.

Liquid Link 
Powered by Liquid Friday

Liquid Link, the invoice finance division of Liquid Friday, provides the invoice finance “link in the chain” in a streamlined solution which empowers recruitment agencies to achieve their growth goals.

  • Flexible invoice finance through Liquid Link gives you instant access to your profit margin.
  • Market leading tech streamlines your front and back office processes, with automated timesheet authorisation.
  • Liquid Friday facilitates efficient payroll for all types of assignment, paying workers on time, every time.

More information about how Liquid Friday can help you save money with invoice finance, or if you would like to get in contact, please visit



Lynne Gowers - Content Stategist & Writer