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How Technology Can Attract Top Talent

As millennials and Gen Z start to enter the workforce, many companies and businesses have attempted to lure them in with fancy T-shirts and free breakfasts. Although that may work for some, what really draws in and retains top talent of all ages to a company is the integration of new technologies to help make a job more efficient and rewarding. Here are three technologies that can help companies attract high-quality employees.

Deploying the Cloud

The cloud is a great way to ensure that all employees have access to the information that they need regardless of their location. With the forced shift to remote work as a result of COVID-19, many companies may choose to expand their remote work offerings in the future, due to proven success.

Ensuring that all employees have access to what they need while working from home or another location can ensure that all the tasks are being accomplished. Dropbox or Google Drive are both great cloud storage tools for most business needs, each with their own similarities and differences. 

Offer Remote-Compatible Technology

In a similar vein, simply offering the ability to provide remote technology to employees can be a big draw to those potential employees who are looking for a more flexible environment. Younger generations are drawn to the flexibility of remote work; a study by The Hartford shows that 80% of younger business owners, ages 18-34, would consider hiring remote workers.

Remote communication tools are extremely important, and some of the most popular options such as Zoom or Slack are seeing quite a surge in customers. A study on remote work conducted by FYI found that the number one problem remote workers had was communication, which goes to show that providing quality remote-compatible technology can allow the flexibility desired by many top employees.

Secure Employee Data

With information and data becoming the backbone of many businesses, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your employees’ information is secure. Not only does this keep company information safe but shows employees that you have a sincere interest in their security and safety.

There are many security tactics that companies can be put in place to protect data such as identity access management systems, which ensure only specifically selected people have access to certain information, or password management systems to create safe and auto-fillable random passwords to secure accounts. Protecting your employee’s information in an age of almost zero privacy can be a great attraction for top talent.

Integrating technology into your company can be an extremely attractive addition to quality employees. From offering cloud technology for easy access to data, the ability to work remotely almost seamlessly and showing a vested interest in their privacy and security by protecting their information. Using various forms of technology can help companies attract top talent and better prepare for the future.

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