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Enterprise Nation - Recovery Advice for Business Scheme Progress Update

As the Scheme enters its third month, Enterprise Nation shares an update on progress to date and what's coming up.  For more information see below from Amanda Faull, Enterprise Nation Community Manager:

"We had a governance meeting last week and Enterprise Nation shared the following update - Enterprise Nation RAB Sep Update.pptx

We also shared the attached Partnership Pack, which includes wider activity across Enterprise Nation which gives a good indication of small business sentiment. Please do get in touch with me if you have any interest in discussing the data or partnership opportunities listed.

Launching in Scotland this week

  • We are delighted to bring the scheme to Scotland and welcome business experts onto the platform to support small businesses in the region.
  • Professional and business group partners include: ICAEW Scotland, CIPD Scotland, Law Society Scotland and Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland (ICAS).
  • Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway are supportive of the programme and will signpost from
  • We are pushing a press release on Wednesday, if you have small business members in Scotland it would be great to share this update to let them know we expect more Scottish advisers joining to offer their help.

Business Wales and its advisers join RAB 

  • Last month we were pleased to speak with the Welsh Government and Business Wales who are supportive of the scheme.
  • Business Wales is signposted from the small business joining page but have also onboarded their advisers to Enterprise Nation where small businesses will be able to connect with them directly. 

Stories of success and plans for a reboot

  • We are really pleased to see small businesses accessing support from advisers and sharing their experiences. Attached is a slide capturing a few quotes that were shared directly on adviser profiles. 
  • Feel free to include these in any marketing - we want to encourage more small businesses to join and access the free advice. We also want advisers to see that there are small business owners using the programme and making connections with experts through the platform.
  • We will be building on these success stories and shaping them into case studies to promote to press, working with the BEIS communications team.
  • Later this month/early October we are planning a 'reboot' of the programme using storytelling to hopefully draw more small businesses to the website. This will include 5 small business case studies and adviser quotes highlighting the value of taking advice and working with a business expert. 
  • I will share more details of this in the coming weeks and how partners can show their support.

Small business resilience and priority areas

  • Throughout Covid19 Enterprise Nation has been at the frontline supporting small businesses. We have seen incredible resilience as many have had to pivot and adapt in these uncertain times.
  • Across our platform, we are seeing record activity and sense a positive intention to adapt and come back stronger. Last month we had 90,000 visitors, our highest number to date. 
  • I have attached our new partnership pack where you will find some interesting data + future opportunities to work with Enterprise Nation. Please do contact me or colleagues to discuss if you're interested.
  • With that, we know the areas where support and guidance are still needed if our small businesses are to recover and rebuild. 
  • Below you can see the data we've captured so far from the small businesses who have completed Make A Plan.
  • Could this be useful in your marketing to your members?

Do you need help financing your business so you can survive lockdown and beyond? 

  • 27% said, Yes, don’t know what to do 

Do you want to get your finances into better shape going forward to increase resilience? 

  • 66% said Yes, I want to make sure my business is financially resilient 

Have you changed your product/service and need to find a new way to market it during lockdown? 

  • 32% yes have added a new product or service 
  • 21% yes cannot be accessed during lockdown 

Do you want to improve your marketing/PR for when we come out of lockdown? 

  • 30% Yes, want to increase market share 
  • 30% Yes, never done it before 

Do you want to increase your business's ability to sell online via marketplaces and or ecommerce on your own website/develop your own website and online presence? 

  • 76% said yes want to explore marketplaces or improve and extend their online offering 

Do you want to improve your company's use of digital products and services to increase productivity for when lockdown is lifted? 

  • 84% Yes. We've never done anything online before or used some but want to explore everything including what technology we need to buy/use. 

Do you need help with an IP/legal issue? 

  • 79% No but we would like a health check to make sure we are on track 

Do you want to improve the way you manage/recruit your team moving forward post-lockdown? 

  • 22% Yes we want to change the way we manage our team 
  • 42% Yes we want to look at the way we recruit 
  • 25% Yes. We may want to incorporate more home-working to cut overheads/increase morale 

Do you need to re-think/improve your commercial strategy to increase business? 

  • 76% Yes, we have recognised our strategy needs to be stronger or more robust 

Do you want to pivot/diversify due to the pandemic? 

  • 39% Yes. We can see new opportunities opening up but we need support to make it happen 
  • 26% Yes. We want to add a different way of delivering our product/service that can future-proof our business