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TEAM Works!

For anyone doubting the value of joining TEAM, consider this success:

Fee - £24644 - Job won and filled, all during lockdown !

In May,  Ross Cunningham of Talento Group and TEAM Regional Director for Scotland pitched for and won a retained assignment with a client in North West England who needed to appoint a new Head of Purchasing to fill a business-critical role and lead an integration of the function across their manufacturing sites in the UK and Europe.

The client, an SME with exciting growth plans, needed a ‘big-hitter’ from a large corporation and it was unlikely that they would find someone from the local talent pool with the requisite gravitas.

Enter Jean Fenwick of Fenwick Consulting – a long time TEAM Member, based in Scotland and a Specialist in Senior Appointments within Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations.

Ross approached Jean to share the retainer with him and together they mapped out the route to a successful appointment.

After a joint briefing (via ZOOM) with the client – which lasted two hours (!) – an in-depth understanding of the role was reached and the timeline for all critical stages was agreed with the client.

After two successful rounds of interviews, the front runner candidate was then invited to two further meetings and the offer was made and accepted last Friday to start on 10th August.

A fabulous example of how working collaboratively with experienced TEAM Members can harness the combined expertise and grow your revenue base – even in lockdown.