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Recruitment Has Changed

We at uComply hope you are safe and well.

It’s an obvious statement, but what a few months it has been! In March we were working happily away in our offices, then lockdown took place. Many have now had to adjust to working remotely.

There have been changes both on a governmental guidance basis and those that consider the practical elements the lockdown. Recruitment in certain sectors (especially those that are supporting key workers) continues but, for many, at a reduced pace.

Whilst I usually focus on the Right to Work guidance during my training sessions, in this COVID-19 period we also need to pay attention to our working environments and the mental wellbeing of our staff/colleagues. Simply put - welcome to the new world.

The Practical Elements

I put this infographic together in March as an aide for the recruiters and employers who were still seeing their candidates face to face.  It’s based on common sense with an injection of the government’s guidance around health & safety.

Whenever we must interact with others outside of our everyday contacts, we need to consider:

  • Do we need to actually have to meet them in person?
  • If we do, take the time to stop and think first:
    • Avoid physical contact - please don't shake hands.
    • Don't forget the virus stays longer on hard surfaces.

These are simple steps we can take to protect ourselves, our staff and stay safe.

  • Can we see them over video rather than in person?
  • We need to observe social distancing of 6ft.
  • Please don't shake hands – (perhaps focus on a verbal greeting).
  • Wash your hands and don't forget to clean any surfaces that have been touched by your visitors.

Guidance Changes for Right to Work

The Home Office introduced a temporary change to the Right to Work guidance in place on 30th March. In summary, these changes help facilitate remote recruitment.

So, what do you have to do?

If you are seeing the candidate face to face then follow the current guidance paying particular attention to social distancing and ensure that you thoroughly clean surfaces/wash your hands before and after.

If you are seeing the candidate remotely then:

  1. Any worker should send you a scanned copy or photo of their documents
  2. Arrange a video call – asking them to hold up the documents sent to you to the camera and check that they correspond to the ones sent to you.
  3. Ensure that the person on the call is the same as the person on the documents.
  4. Record the date you made the check and mark it as “adjusted check undertaken on [insert date] due to COVID-19”.
  5. If the worker has a current Biometric Residence Permit or Biometric Residence Card or status under the EU Settlement Scheme you can use the online right to work checking service while doing a video call - the applicant must give you permission to view .their details.

For anyone who cannot produce documents you should refer to the HO helpline to seek further assistance.

When the COVID-19 measures end then you must carry out retrospective checks on the existing employees employed remotely during this period within 8 weeks of the measures end date. Both checks should be kept in your records.

I hope the above will assist

We at uComply wish you well during this time and I can confirm that we are still open to support you if you have any questions.


Stefan Sosnowski, Operations Director

01707 800840