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Are You and Your Team Fit for Purpose?

There are four key recruitment skills you and your consultants need to be exceptional at now and after lockdown.

As we slowly start to come out of lockdown, now is the time to look at you and your staff to determine if you are all fit for purpose. Ask yourself the following questions: do we have the skills, techniques and strategy, or does my team need to learn new skills that are going to allow us to succeed in running a profitable business over the next 6 to 12 months? 

I have listed four key areas that will be critical to most recruitment businesses. Why these areas?

From my experience over the last three years of going onsite and working with numerous different recruitment companies, it has come to my attention that many (not all) companies don’t have enough consultants that know how to:

  1.  Win Business;
  2. Tell the difference between a job that is worth working or not; 
  3. How to negotiate a fee that they are worth; and
  4. How to cross-sell either a permanent candidate offering or an interim/contract and temp option.

With less jobs on the market, your time is more valuable than ever.  With clients looking to cut costs or take advantage of you by knocking down your fees and some clients having permanent hiring headcount freezes, but have projects and work needing to start or be completed, then having the skills to overcome these will be critical.

You or your team not having the level of skill and technique needed in a busy market might not have been such a problem for some recruitment businesses before the downturn, but in the current market conditions and moving forward these skills and techniques are going to be critical.    

1.  Business Development - Winning Their Own Clients and Jobs

  • Know how to win quick business (who is hiring right now).
  • Know how to find new clients and the relevant hiring managers/decision makers.
  • How to conduct and structure a new business development conversation/call.
  • How to qualify the client/manager to a targeted hot list.
  • How to pipeline and qualify up and coming job opportunities.  

2.  Taking Better Job Specs (Improve Job to Placement Ratio) and Better Return on Investment 

  • Know how to qualify roles effectively.
  • Know which roles to prioritise/work to maximise your time effectively and get best return on your investment.
  • Know how to get commitment from clients and control the process.  

3.  Fee and Rate Negotiation (How to Make Sure You get the Fee You are Worth)

  • Know you and your company’s value proposition and unique selling points.
  • Know how to use negotiation techniques and tactics.
  • Know how to plan a negotiation strategy.  

4.  Cross-Selling (Making Sure that You are Offering Both a Permanent, Temp/Interim and Contract Solution)

It will be critical that you understand every possible recruitment solution that you can provide to your clients.  If you are a permanent consultant then you still need to be able to discuss contract/temp and contract consultants need to be able to discuss a permanent recruitment solution.  Clients will need to get their projects and businesses going again and will need to bring in staff, but with the possibility of lack of funds or confidence in the market, then you need to be able to present them with different options and solutions.

Training your staff in any market should be a fundamental part of what you need to be doing every week, but it can get left behind, leaving consultants under-skilled.

I will use a random example of a basketball team to demonstrate what I mean. They will go into training every day and focus on skills, technique, tactics, fitness and strategy - so when it comes to game time, they are ready to win.  For your business, when it comes to training, what do you do every day/week to make sure you and the team are ready to win?  Some examples could involve group training sessions on technique, team and individual roleplays, on desks, phone coaching, critiquing recorded live or roleplayed phone calls.

The key question you need to ask yourself, do you and your team have the level of skill, technique and strategy you are going to need to be match fit for the challenges ahead?  If not, what are you going to do about it?


Russell Munday

07796 952932