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Staying Competitive with Video



The situation we find ourselves in has certainly forced us all to try some new ways of working.

Remote is the new norm; video calling and video conferences have replaced the morning chat over coffee in the office and face to face meetings and we’re having to adopt new methods, processes and tools to keep our businesses open and operating.

Staying in touch with your clients, maintaining relationships and engagement with your candidate audience and making sure your digital presence is current and delivering lots of useful information and insight has never been more important, not only during the immediate situation but with one eye and fingers crossed to the future as we emerge from this.

With reduced marketing budgets in play now, companies are looking at how they can stay relevant and maximise their content creation.  

From what we see happening daily across social media and in other areas, people are overcoming their inhibitions to creating videos as the trend for video content continues to grow as people realise how versatile and effective it is.

What the current situation has also shown is that creating video does not always have be expensive, involve film crews descending on your offices and take weeks to produce. There’s a time, place and reason for that type of production. Instead big brands, government bodies and businesses of all sizes are working with remote video editing services to create simple video concepts to cost effectively deliver their message.

So what type of videos can be created:

  • Repurposed Video - look across the video assets you already have in your business and repurpose them by editing with a refreshed style and up to date message.
  • Self-recorded - your smartphone is the perfect tool to record short/medium length 'talking head' videos.
  • Interviews - incorporate industry relevant content into your marketing strategy by interviewing people from within your specific sector via a video call. Use the recorded interview to create an 'on-brand' video  to publish across social media.
  • Pre-recorded video - if you’re presenting at a virtual event, pre-record your video and demos to ensure maximum brand exposure and avoid the pitfalls of live transmission.
  • Stock Footage - use free or paid for stock video footage to create videos.
  • Images - use free stock images or images you already have in your business to deliver your message alongside relevant text.
  • Text only - high energy, animated text videos to deliver an engaging content piece.

There are so many ways that video can be created without videographers having to come on site at the moment. Replace a ideographer with an experienced Video Editor and you’ll see just how easy and cost-effective it can be.

So what are some of the top tips to getting started:

  1. Have a clear strategy about what your goals are, the type of content that will help you achieve them and the frequency of delivery
  2. Research your competitors to see the type of content they are producing as it will help you to develop your own style that matches to your brand.
  3. If making smartphone footage, think about the spaces you can use to film in, the lighting and the equipment needed, e.g. tripod, external microphone, both of which can be bought online quite cheaply and of a decent standard.
  4. Think about the channels where you will use your videos as you may require different formats for each channel to ensure you deliver the maximum viewing experience across your target audience demographic.
  5. Subtitles - important to be considered before a video design is constructed.

The current situation has forced many businesses to look at how they deliver their services and at JOBVIDDY we are no different. As a traditional video production agency working across HR, Recruitment and L&D sectors, the 'lockdown' had an instant impact on our service offering.

So we’ve adapted and launched SocialViddy, The Remote Video Creators,  cost-effective, one-off project or monthly subscription based video creation services to help businesses stay connected.

If you’re reviewing your marketing and content strategies and want to understand how video can be leveraged, we’re delighted to offer free strategy sessions for all TEAM Members to help you get started.

If you’d like to schedule a strategy session just reach out to the SociaViddy team and book a time that works for you.

Stay safe everyone!




Andy Kerney, CEO

0208 068 8344