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Should I Still Be Marketing My Recruitment Agency?

There are a few questions we are being asked on a daily basis at Green Umbrella Marketing. One that has popped up time and again since the Corona crisis took hold is ‘Should I still be marketing?’ 

Let’s dive in and tackle that head on with a very honest (although slightly opinion-based) answer. 

We all have a lot on our plates right now and the recruitment sector has been hit hard. Depending on the sector you are in, your world may well have been turned upside down. But this topic is one I am prepared to rant about! Before I do, understand that when you read this, I have your best interests at heart. 

Should you still be marketing in this time of crisis is a ridiculous question! In short YES, of course you should still be marketing. Why on earth would you stop marketing? Surely the only reason you would pull the plug on your marketing activity is if you are planning to shut up shop. Over the past few weeks this topic has had me turning the air blue and doing ‘angry typing’ (where you hit the keyboard far harder than necessary!).

For starters, we are not really being asked about whether you should continue to market. On the contrary, what people are actually asking for is permission to sell. They are concerned about being seen as irresponsible, out of touch or worse, profiting during a time of crisis. 

If either question has popped into your head over the last month or so, reword or reframe the question so you are really thinking about the following: 

  • How can my recruitment business (or me as a recruiter) give value right now? 

Think about what your candidates and clients really need – answer their questions and give them the support they would usually get from you in person but translate that into blogs, videos and social media content (including live videos). Many companies will not be hiring right now but this situation will evolve, we will come back so think about what that might look like for you and your sector. 

  • How can I build my recruitment pipeline so I can bounce back? 

What are you doing to attract people to your business or your website? Do you have any lead magnets? Is it time to actually start writing that eBook or the how-to guide you’ve been talking about? How can you pull people towards you and capture their information? Maybe it is career coaching or video interview techniques. They may not give immediate return but you are feeding that pipeline for the foreseeable future. 

  • Do I need to change my tone of voice or marketing messages? 

Most likely, yes you will. At GU we would never advocate a hard sell approach. No-one likes being overtly sold to. Ease off on any ‘special offers’, ‘contact us now’ and avoid hopping on a bandwagon of supporting frontline workers if it is purely for business gains. You will need to add more empathy to your posts. Consider the imagery, tone of voice and, if necessary, the music/background of any content. Is it appropriate for you and, most importantly, would your audience think it is appropriate? 
One disclaimer to this, whatever your style is – do not try to be someone you’re not, your brand identity still has a place – just tweak it where appropriate!

  • What changes should I make to my recruitment marketing strategy? 

First things first, if you use an auto-scheduling tool for your social media messages and haven’t done so already, head there and pause everything. Check through it and make sure the posts are still appropriate. 

After that, it is time to think about your overall strategy for the next few months. Should you refocus your blog and content creation? Quite possibly. Do you need to invest in paid social adverts or pause them? Think about keeping these on since people are spending more time on social media. Do you need to pivot and promote lower ticket recruitment services? If this keeps revenue coming in or builds the pipeline then yes. 

  • How can I make sure people remember my brand throughout this? 

You need to keep Marketing! 

  • And, ultimately, should I still be ‘selling’? 

Imagine if no one sold anything for the next three months, six months or beyond. Imagine if no-one ever changed jobs again and no companies started up or expanded. To be in business and not ‘sell’ is ludicrous. To be in recruitment and not talk to people is a misnomer. Marketing is so important. You need to be actively gathering candidate and client leads, nurturing them, getting them into your database, getting yourself on their radar so that when hiring and job searching starts again, you are in the best possible position. 

It is possible you might come under criticism if your approach is aggressive – if your clients have put recruitment on hold, you must respect that; hopefully, this has given you food for thought though and reassurance that it’s ok to keep marketing!


Christina Robinson

Green Umbrella Marketing