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Planning Your Post Pandemic Pipeline

As the dust settles from the whirlwind impacts of Coronavirus, businesses across the globe are finally being permitted a peek into the future, however futile current circumstances may seem. As we avidly tune into the news, refresh our feeds, and host business-critical conversations, one thing is certain: the recruitment industry shows no signs of stopping altogether. Whilst the hiring offensive may have taken a back seat initially, now is the time to prepare strategies for when a corner is turned - with marketing being at the forefront of many recoveries.

In the wake of a global crisis, it’s known that strong brands - built by impactful marketing - recover nine times faster than their weaker competitors. So, it’s a firm fact that having a strong brand strategy will provide a distinct advantage throughout Q3/4 and beyond. However, the legwork must be put in now for businesses to reap the benefits later.

Whilst many of us are reeling from the effects of Coronavirus, we’re still looking to brands to inform and engage us, in an effort to look towards the future. This has been a key component for the current output of many recruitment businesses, as candidates, clients and colleagues search for reassurance that there are still jobs available and deals to be made both now and in the future. So, being agile with marketing output now allows for brands to grow their presence in preparation for a business landscape that will look very different in a few months’ time.

As such, with an eye focused firmly on the future, Marmalade Marketing have been assisting clients and industry partners alike in planning post-pandemic pipelines, which is crucial for sustained business growth. Whilst a lot of businesses potentially struggle with sourcing new business during this time, Marmalade Marketing are committed to challenging the recruitment industry with a disruption in rethinking the way that we do things. 

This sees the launch of our Automated Recruitment Marketing platform -  ARM. Key in flexing your recruitment marketing muscle, this enables the growth of commercial opportunities at scale, using powerful technology to identify relevant new prospects and offer invaluable visibility into how audiences interact with brands through Buyer Intent Data. ARM offers the ability to scope out target audiences, and provide them with tailored content, challenging the cold outreach and standard mail merges of yesterday in an exciting and disruptive manner.


Whilst businesses may have been tempted to scale down and shy away from their problems, ARM is encouraging brands to embrace the uncertainty, encouraging a sense of added resilience to the recruitment industry. As such, the platform is well placed to implement your post-pandemic plans - key food for thought which will fuel business recovery - through introducing brands to a new-found audience of Herculean proportions, and powering content to push further.

In the here and now, the approach to business pipelines is crucial and this platform provides a cutting-edge advantage for the inevitable ‘crunch time’ in post-pandemic operations; it not only helps to provide a wealth of new data, which is a clear winner in the numbers game of business, but it makes those key moves now in strengthening the foundations of a brand by enabling users to plan their approach with content and outreach. 

Presenting a consistent brand across a number of platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%, with ARM offering the ability to monitor your output on a number of platforms, thereby ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence. In support for your post-pandemic planning, ARM manages social media, email campaigns and website content from a single platform for ease of use - it’ll also keep your number crunchers happy! As such, not only does this tool enable the growth of audiences, it also supports the core foundations of your business through managing your branding as a key driver of further revenue.

Whilst easing a businesses' approach to marketing might seem cost-effective in the short run, in doing so these companies only act to sabotage their brand and audiences - a much more costly move beyond monetary value. The most powerful players in a post-pandemic landscape will be those who invest in building their brand now and will be flexing their muscle with more market share in the future.

If you would like to discuss how Marmalade Marketing and ARM can assist in planning your post-pandemic pipeline and powering up your marketing, please reach out to our MD Jo Lee -