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NumberMill's Flex & Protect Solution to Your IR35 Problems!

Services suited for all types of contractors

NumberMill are doing what we can to support our clients; end hirers, agencies and contractors. 
It very much looks like this legislation is going ahead and it is already clear that there is likely to be an aggressive reaction by end hirers dictating that contractors are Inside IR35. 
There is also the possibility that end hirers over time may backtrack. 
This means that contractors need flexible solutions.
The good news is that NumberMill are able to support contractors with a flexible approach.
Our new solution Flex and Protect will allow contractors to
switch easily from captured to non captured assignments.
Flex and Protect
This will allow contractors to work through our compliant FCSA Accredited Umbrella for the period in which the end-hirer implements the necessary changes, without affecting your Limited Company or impacting your responsibilities as a Company Director.
There are no signup or leaving fees and a management margin is only payable when you work.
All PAYE taxes will be deducted at source and includes all necessary insurances.
IR35 Guide
There is a useful booklet so that you can understand your position, whether you are a contractor, agency or end hirer.
PROTECT - Fee Payer
Costs 3% of invoice value and allows contractors to be paid gross to their Ltd Company should the end hirer indicate that they are OUTSIDE IR35. Includes insurances.
PROTECT - IR35 Working Practice Assessment
costs just £125 plus VAT
We offer services for all different types of contractors,
get in contact for more information using our details below;
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