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Temporary Worker Scam - Be Vigilant!

TEAM Head Office has been alerted by a Member in the North who has recently been the victim of a scam.   Members need to be increasingly vigilant so it doesn’t happen to anyone else as we are also aware of other Agencies outside of the network who have had the same experience. 

The TEAM Member received a number of calls from a person purporting to be the Operations Director of a large local food production company.  This individual gave very plausible reasons as to why he was contacting the Agency at short notice, explaining changes in company policy and the use of zero hour contracts which their HR department would no longer allow.   He explained they had a number of staff they had been using regularly and were looking to transfer these temporary workers (whom he introduced), within a few days of the initial phone call.

Subsequent credit checks, etc. were made and emails sent, and it was agreed that the workers could register with local agency provided they met all the Right to Work criteria and had the correct documentation.  There was a lot of plausible dialogue with individuals involved, alleged supervisors and all the individual workers. 

Although all the company information and the named individual purporting to be the Ops Director were correct along with all the plausible information provided such as shifts, etc. it was later found out to be an elaborate scam as the particular company named did not use any Agency staff and none of the registered temporary workers had actually worked on the site.  It was two weeks before the scam was rumbled at a significant cost to the Member concerned.

If you have had a similar contact and are in any doubt whatsover, please check it out thoroughly - remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!