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Five Predictions for Recruitment Marketing in 2020

As we sprint towards the start of a New Year (and a new decade) a lot has happened in the world of recruitment marketing. Over the last 12 months alone we’ve seen social media platforms rise and fall, use of video grow and the demand for search terms that include ‘today’ or ‘near me’ spike.

What does all this mean for 2020 and where should we push our recruitment marketing efforts? Here are just some of our predictions for what’s going to be big (or even bigger) next year.

Social Media Stories

The short, snappy, informal content you see at the top of social media feeds in Facebook and Instagram is on a huge upward growth curve. In January 2019 Stories were used by 500 million people daily. Jump to the end of the year and that has doubled. A staggering 1 billion people are now using Stories every day.

This ephemeral content will continue to grow in popularity. You can advertise in Stories and personalise that advertising to hit your target audience. In your general business stories, it’s a chance to showcase your brand. As consumers, candidates and potential clients, our thirst for rapid, visual and engaging content isn’t going anywhere!

Cross Channel Social Media Advertising

More businesses, including recruitment businesses and suppliers to the recruitment industry, are using social media as an advertising platform. Spend here has increased over 2019 and is likely to continue in 2020. Justifiably so since social media advertising can be so targeted.

Savvy recruiters and suppliers will be using social media advertising, thinking about their touch points and splitting spend across relevant channels. For example, you might gain web traffic from Facebook but then retarget those individuals in LinkedIn.

Human SEO

What, in the name of all that is festive, is Human SEO? Well we know SEO (search engine optimisation) is based on how search engines like Google read and interpret content on our website. They are driven by artificial intelligence and algorithms crawling pages, backlinks and articles on our websites and social media channels. We have spent a long time marketing to boost traditional SEO. In 2020 we’ll be optimising our content to showcase how human we are. We’ll be writing more in line with how we speak. Our video will be more person to person and our visuals and audio content will focusing on human interaction.

True Marketing Personalisation

Continuing the theme of human SEO and being more ‘real-life’, marketing personalisation will be on the up in 2020.

Personalisation is not new. It is straightforward to send bulk candidate emails personalising the ‘to’ field at least. With the amount of marketing automation available both in your CRM or in your email marketing platform we can start to make use of true personalisation. We’ll see workflows for campaigns that trigger different messages depending on whether the user opens the email, clicks a link, likes the page and so on.

Think about how Netflix tailors their emails based on your viewing alone. You might not have their marketing budget, but personalisation is easy to do. Don’t get left behind in 2020.

Localisation and Local Influencers

We are becoming increasingly demanding as consumers. Google report that search terms including the phrases ‘today’, ‘near me’, and ‘in’ followed by a location, increased by as much as 2 – 3 times in 2019.

Whilst your business strategy might encourage you to think big or think globally, if you can localise your recruitment marketing then you are likely to reap the rewards in 2020. By localisation that could be a geographical location, a sector, a particular candidate demographic. Drop locations in to your content, whether that’s in blogs, videos or podcasts. Use hashtags, especially on Instagram. Also don’t forget the power of local influencers. Online endorsement and word of mouth is still one of the biggest channels for acquiring customers. How can you leverage this in 2020?

Recruitment marketing is an exciting space to be in. Whilst we don’t have a crystal ball, we can make informed decisions about where to direct our efforts. Keep the above in mind with your marketing strategy and you’ll be off to a good start next year.


Christina Robinson

Green Umbrella Marketing Ltd