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A New Approach to Attracting the Best Candidates for your Jobs

Although the general feeling is that there are fewer job seekers out there currently to fill our vacancies, CV Library has data that suggests the contrary and that there are more active candidates, but that they are just being more selective about the roles they apply for. If that is the case, then we just need to adopt more effective strategies to attract them.

Candidate Source reveals an alternative approach that might just get you the candidate you have been searching for.

The Current Candidate Climate – the right candidates are out there!

According to James Stewart, Vice Chair at KPMG, job seekers in October have “become increasingly nervous about making a career change”, which has resulted in recruitment agencies reporting a decline in candidate availability. According to the report, the number of candidates available for permanent job roles fell in October and this downturn has generally been linked to the current political situation (which will come as no surprise to anyone working in recruitment!).  

On the bright side, CV Library states that sessions on their site are up by 2.87% in October, suggesting candidates are still out there, job hunting and have not packed up until the New Year! Interestingly, the report shows these candidates spending 6% longer on the site, indicating that they are taking care to be more selective about the jobs they apply for and, as a result, the applications that come through have the skills and experience required and are better suited to the vacancy (fingers crossed!). Perhaps we just need to up our game to attract these desirable candidates and persuade them to click on the all-important ‘apply’ button.  

Strategies to Make your Job Stand out From the Crowd

To do that, you might just have to do something a little different……  

  • Client Branded Adverts!

I heard someone use the phrase “post and pray” last week, meaning a quick advert, often badly written with no information to attract the candidate and just a few words of what the recruiter needs; not a strategy to entice quality candidates.

Put time into your job advert and you will seek the rewards; highlight the benefits, the stability of the company and the variety of the job role. If you can, use the client’s brand. This is not always possible, but if you have this gem, use it! The client’s brand is often the strongest selling point you can offer a candidate. Stand out from the crowd of recruiters, all looking for that ideal candidate, and write a client branded advert that sells.

  • Increase Traffic on Job Boards

If revealing your client is not an option, then there are other strategies you can use on the job boards, designed to increase relevant engagement with your vacancy. These include:

  • Improved placement of your adverts – make the top of the list!
  • Candidate e-shots – job email alerts sent directly to relevant candidates
  • SMS alerts – engaging with candidates on the go
  • Retargeting campaigns – your ad reappearing when your candidate visits other pages


  • International Job Posting

For international vacancies, use Indeed sponsored adverts to reach those further afield. To find out where you can advertise please see International postings work through the same pay per click as the UK ones.

The right candidates are out there, hunting for their dream job, we just need to do things a little differently (and a little better!) to catch their attention. Putting a little care into promoting your vacancies now, will save time and stress in the long run.

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