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Why are Hart Recruitment Covered in Mud?!

£1,400.  Studies show that figures are most likely to grab an individual’s attention; as opposed to drowning you in mud-run and period poverty related information.  

In case you are wondering what’s going on and what this strange number is that we have bombarded you with, that’s the total value that Hart Recruitment has raised so far for The Red Box Project.  This has been achieved from donations for attendance at their monthly Interviewer Techniques Workshop, as well as the team at Hart participating in the Tough Mudder mud-run (and slightly aggressively pushing their family members to donate behind the scenes).  It wasn’t easy (as you can tell by the title of the 5K mud run), but it was worth every second of being soaked head to toe in wet mud if it means Hart are helping young women in local schools struggling with period poverty.

They will be keeping the GoFundMe page open so that everybody has a chance to support The Red Box Project!  In case you missed Hart's Instagram stories on the day they have created a highlights reel for Tough Mudder on their page @hartrecruitment and also posted a blog on our website

If you haven’t already, here’s the link to donate: