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Out of Time, out of Claim? – The Strict Approach to Reasonable Practicability

There has been a reminder of the strict approach to reasonable practicability in relation to the time limits for unfair dismissal claims. The Employment Judge in Pora v Cape Industrial Services Ltd did not err in holding that it was reasonably practicable for the Claimant to present his claim for unfair dismissal in time when the date for presentation was missed due to the fault of his solicitor. A questionable observation that the Claimant could have sought advice elsewhere when he had been told his claim was being dealt with did not affect the basis of the decision of the Employment Judge.

The EAT had considerable sympathy for the claimant who had attended a law centre for advice and support to present a claim to the employment tribunal for unfair dismissal and race discrimination. He followed up regularly and was assured that matters were in hand. However, the claim was not, in fact, lodged in time. The claimant had done everything he could to have his claim presented in time.

The EAT upheld the tribunal decision that his unfair dismissal claim was out of time and it had been reasonably practicable for him to lodge it in time. Justice Slade emphasised that the situation plainly fell within the scope of the Court of Appeal judgement in Dedman: ‘Where a claimant knows that he has a claim and puts his case in the hands of specialist advisers and it is due to their fault that a claim is not presented in time, it was reasonably practicable for the claimant to present his claim in time’.

Thus, applying the strict approach set out in the authorities, there were no grounds for interfering with the tribunal's conclusion.

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