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Competitive People Strategy, Kevin Green

Why do so many recruiters articulate a great business strategy but fail to execute it and at the same time we see large numbers of recruitment businesses which have a fantastic culture and are great places to work but don’t succeed commercially.

The answer to the question is that while a strategy based on a strong customer proposition is critical, to execute it effectively you need a differentiated people strategy and plan. It’s doing both at the same time that delivers in today’s hyper competitive talent markets it’s all about the balance between business strategy and people management. The vast majority of business that will sustainable in the long term will be the ones that adapt to market changes and disruption. They do this by having a clear purpose, a different customer offering and at the same time have a culture which is people centric with learning and employee experience at its centre.

No Recruitment Business will survive if their business strategy is articulated by a just a small leadership elite and then communicated to the rest of their people, this is where we are going and what you have to do. This top down command and control model just doesn’t work any more. Over 80% of business Value is now derived from intangibles such as brands, copyrights and operating models in recruitment it’s your people’s ability to effectively build relationships with your clients and candidates which determines success or failure. In a recent PwC survey of Global CEOs their number one issue by far was talent and capability. So recruitment business leaders now recognise that commercial success comes from having talented people, who are working in an environment that is good for them, with a team of committed and capable colleagues and an understanding of why and how their contribution matters.

The issue is how do you develop a positive inclusive culture and deliver a great employee experience?

My new book, Competitive People Strategylink here  sets out to answer this question and to give business leaders a roadmap of what they need to do differently in relation to strategy and people to win big.

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