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Seven Ways Reviews Will Benefit Your Agency's SEO

You probably already know the importance of reviews when it comes to your brand reputation and lead conversions.  What you may not know is that reviews can actually boost your SEO. 

Your candidates and clients love reading your reviews and it turns out search engines do too.

Every month 60,000+ people search for ‘recruitment agencies’ on Google.  Another 400,000+ search for jobs.  That’s a huge amount of traffic that could be heading your way.

By optimising your website’s search engine performance, you can show up in more searches.  That, in turn, can increase your website traffic and drive more candidate and client leads to your business.

In this post, we’ll cover the top seven ways reviews can supercharge your SEO strategy.

1. Fresh & Relevant Content

Reviews are content and search engines love content.  Especially user-generated content that’s relevant, unique and regularly updated.

Google wants to display the best possible results for its ‘searchers’, and one factor that helps determine a website’s rank is its activity.  If you’ve got a regular flow of new and relevant content for its bots to crawl, that shows your site is active.  Gold star for you.

The best part?

Minimal effort is required on your part. Your candidates and clients are creating the content on your behalf, and it doesn’t get more organic and unique than a genuine user review.

2. A Goldmine of Long-Tail Keywords

In case you didn’t know already, long-tail keywords account for the majority of web searches. The best part is that ranking for these keywords is a lot easier than what everyone else is already targeting.

So what’s the catch?  Long-tail keywords are hard to find.

That’s where reviews can help you. The reviews come directly from your candidates and clients, so they’re a lot more likely to contain phrases that other candidates and clients might search for.

The best part?  Long-tail keywords are naturally included within the reviews.  No keyword stuffing required.

3. Higher CTR thanks to Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are ‘richer’ results in the SERP.  As this article puts it - you need rich snippets in your life.

In short, they’re search results that show extra information about your service.  There’s lots of different types of rich snippets including pricing, opening hours, availability and of course reviews. 

By adding reviews to your website (assuming your adding with the right structured data mark-up that a Preferrd widget includes), you’ll be eligible for your ratings to show up in organic search.

And those shiny stars are also great at grabbing attention.  In fact, this report found that CTR can increase by 35% just by showing your stars in Google.

Cue more clicks please.

4. Google Trusts Reviews

A huge study by LocalSEOGuide in collaboration with the University of California noted that Google ranks websites with reviews higher than those with none.

Google has developed tools to understand and read reviews in the same way users do.  If a website has lots of people saying good things about it, then that tells Google it’s good and can be trusted.

So just like with candidate and client leads, reviews will help you to build trust with search engines too.

5. Search engines love interactions

Reviews create an opportunity for a two-way conversation.  You can and should respond to your reviews.  Google encourages it.

Responding to your reviews shows the reviewer (and Google) that you value your customers and their feedback.

Not only that, responding to reviews helps to:

  • Add more relevant content.  You are naturally going to mention relevant topics, which means more keywords for search engines to pick up.
  • Build relationships.  Replying to both good and bad reviews builds good relationships with your network and is a great reputation management strategy.
  • Signal an active web presence.

6. Reviews Engagement Helps Optimize for RankBrain

Google’s RankBrain is their third most important ranking factor.  Essentially, it’s a machine learning system that helps determine where pages will rank on Google.

One of the big things rank brain looks at is ‘Dwell Time’; how long people spend on your site after clicking your link in the search results.

If they click on your site and immediately leave/click back to Google, that tells RankBrain your site wasn’t a very good result for the search query and moves you down the ranking.

The opposite applies too; if someone clicks through to your site and stays on it for a long time that suggests your site was a good match for their search and moves you up the rankings for future searchers to find more easily.

So, what helps with dwell time?  You guessed it, reviews.

People love reading reviews; we’re inherently drawn to find out the opinions of others.

By displaying reviews on your landing page, you’ll increase your dwell time and in turn your rankings.

7. Ranking for “business name” + reviews

If you wanted to read reviews for a product or business, chances are you would go to your favourite search engine and search for, e.g.  “ABC Recruitment reviews”.

That's precisely what the vast majority of consumers do.  Wouldn't it be great if your own website showed up on top?

We have some good news for you.  It is very much possible to do that.  If you have plenty of reviews on your website along with rich snippets setup, chances are that search engines will start ranking your own website on top over time.


As well as building trust and increasing conversion on-site, review can have a significant positive impact on your SEO.  However, implementing a successful reviews strategy is easier said than done.  It takes time and a bit of effort to get into the habit of collecting reviews and then technology to display and showcase them.

At Preferrd we’re building a hub that helps recruiters collect, manage, analyse and showcase their reviews all from one platform.  If you’re interested to find out more about building an effective reviews strategy, please get in touch with our team.


George Vincent, Director

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