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Sick of GDPR? We Have The Solution!

GDPR has caused recruiters a lot of headaches – to be fair, not only recruiters! But from our long-standing involvement with the sector, we really do understand your pain! We understand too, that you’re probably angry about all the scaremongering surrounding GDPR. We get it – there’s a lot of that out there and much of it plays on people’s fear of factors they don’t fully understand, cyber security being a key one of those.

So, is having to detail your commitment to protecting your clients and your customers data driving you up the wall? Is it taking a significant amount of time out of your schedule to ensure your compliance is monitored and up-to-date? At the bottom of it, are you concerned you might suffer some kind of data breach, be hacked and get locked out of your systems completely? Does this stuff keep you up at night, even though you’re sure (well, almost sure) you have all the latest antivirus and firewalls in place?

What if we told you, there’s an accreditation scheme out there that mitigates against all of these issues? Additionally, you’ll be able to visibly demonstrate to your clients and candidates you take your responsibility for the security of their data seriously. Not only will you be ahead of the competition, but you’ll also be potentially saving yourself time and money by avoiding cyber breach. You’ll probably sleep better at night too!

So, what is this solution? A government-backed scheme called Cyber Essentials.

Cyber Essentials was first introduced in 2014 and is operated by the National Cyber Security Centre who considers it the benchmark for the cyber security component of GDPR. It is a scheme based on five controls that are designed to ensure common vulnerabilities are secured. Because it focuses around just five controls, it provides a simplified framework (unlike ISO27001!) to work with.

Cyber Essentials is a self-certification scheme so you can do it yourself or get a technology-savvy member of your team to go through the process. On the face of it, this may be the most cost-effective method but bear in mind, if the application is submitted and something is wrong, it will cost you the application fee each time you resubmit. At £300 a go (ex VAT), it can get pricey, particularly when you take into account the time it will take that person to complete the application. Alternatively, you can opt to go down the consultancy route, appointing technology specialists to complete the application, freeing up your time for getting on with the day to day of running your agency. The initial outlay may be more but depending on which consultancy you choose, the process will be faster and the cost will be fixed.

So, let’s recap.

Two Routes to Cyber Essentials:

  • Self-Certification
  • Consultancy

Cyber Essential Benefits:

  • Mitigate 80% (possibly up to 99.3%!) of cyber risks including malware, social engineering (phishing) and hacking
  • Be visible about your commitment to GDPR best practice
  • Build confidence and trust with your existing clients and candidates
  • Attract new clients with the guarantee of effective cyber security measures in place
  • Want to bid for government contracts – Cyber Essentials is – essential!
  • Peace of mind for you!

The Westtek Way

Westtek Solutions uses a combination of security professionals together with the very latest technology to deliver Cyber Essentials. For you, this means your successful certification is guaranteed and at a fixed cost. We also conduct an audit of your IT systems making suggestions as to how you can streamline and save yourself and your business, time and money whilst improve productivity. If required, we can also provide on-going compliance monitoring with weekly reports.

We know, when running a recruitment agency, there are so many things to worry about, but at least with Cyber Essentials, GDPR won’t be one of them.

About Westtek Solutions 

Westtek Solutions has built decades of experience operating as the Technology Success Partners of choice for many of the UK’s leading independent recruitment agencies.  

Based in Apsley, Hertfordshire, Westtek Solutions operates nationally and internationally. If you’re looking for a proactive technology success partner that offers cyber security, strategic consulting and technical support services to help your agency stay safe and maximise productivity, contact Westtek Solutions on 020 3195 0555 or email

We make sure your technology works for your business and not the other way around.


Francis West - CEO Westtek Solutions

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