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Are you maximising ROI of your technology, data and users? Read on for some techniques that will help.

I have been involved in countless Tech projects and I am by no means discounting the importance of choosing the right system, configuring it well and cleansing data, but the fact is all this can be and is done, but it is the final hurdle, the change and adoption piece which are almost always, at worst, overlooked or at best given limited effort or investment. The likes of a days training and, if you are lucky, some floorwalking support, some videos or guides to read just won't cut it. 

Now I don't know about you but it takes a bit more than a meeting, some training and supporting literature to make me stick to something, regardless of whether I know it is for the best and will do me good. 

So what is the magic solution that will right all the wrongs of past and current technology woes? 

One time or another, or right now, you are thinking on a "NEW YOU", whether that's trimming down, getting fit, quitting a "filthy" habit, etc. Most of these ventures are short-lived; why? Because they are not thoroughly researched, planned, managed and finally reinforced.  

Know the "WHY" you need and eventually want to do it?

The secret to any good change and one that sticks is:

  • KNOW what you will get from it - Communicate and where possible show what "Good" looks like to the team.
  • GET STARTED - know how long it is likely to take and what is required of you - Give the team some tangible results quickly! (even entice them in with a reward; half a day off for the most added CVs to the system, this person will be building a good pipeline, and if not a talent for others too.)
  • COMMIT TO IT - To gain anything worthwhile some sacrifices need to made for the greater good. Help the team understand that there will be an initial pain but, as above, set timelines; the sooner you start the sooner you see the results. (Get the management team to drive and DO IT themselves).
  • BE REALISTIC - Don't bite off more than you can chew. Deploy things steadily and slowly, get measures on adoption and move on only when the goals set are achieved (most systems have some form of reporting, get a support resource internally or your supplier to help you produce something to measure success). 
  • MAINTAIN IT - Make it part of your DNA and the business' agenda from the top down and the down up - include a tech review in monthly or quarterly meetings, provide a forum for people to anonymously air concerns or triumphs (a trello board is free and a very visual tool).

Finally and possibly most importantly don't put this off until tomorrow; it will never get done. TAKE ACTION TODAY! 

If you would like some free advice or guidance please call INEO on 0203 887 4636 or email and one of the team will help put you on the right track. 


John Egan - Managing Director