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Engage is the Catalyst for Agency Growth

Engage is a TEAM supplier, providing a cloud-based software platform that offers significant advantages through the entire supply chain. Engage allows managing Vacancy through to Candidate payment. With a unique cost structure, the software is accessible to any TEAM member with little cost and risk. However, the advantages can be significant. Below is a case study of how our platform has supported an agency recently. Engage can be configured in different ways to suit the preferred supply, but in this instance, it was for Master Vendor.

Setting the Scene

Our agency client supplies temp staff for the construction, technical, specialist engineering and commercial sectors.

They were manually running a Master Vendor service for some clients, without any specialist technology. They recognised that this situation was inhibiting their growth and they were ‘leaving business on the table’, so began looking for a cost-effective solution to enhance their model and allow them to scale up.

Introduction of Engage Back Office Solution

Initially, the agency approached Engage to provide a back office solution that would automate their worker registration, compliance, timesheets and invoicing, ideally on one platform. In addition, they outsourced the payroll of their direct PAYE staff to Engage. They immediately enjoyed cost savings and efficiency gains.

Using Engage VMS to Win New Business

All Engage agency clients are able to make use of the Vendor Management Solution, operating on the same platform as the back-office services. This can be deployed on a neutral or master vendor basis but in either case there is no charge to the end client.

Benefits for the Client:

  • Better understanding of spend with reporting by vendor, location and role.
  • Real time visibility ensures no cost overruns or unexpected invoices after project completion.
  • Assured compliance with right to work and employment status.
  • With the hirer and agencies operating on the same platform all parties enjoyed better coordination and no duplication of admin.

Our agency client implemented the Engage VMS on all of the existing Master Vendor frameworks and continue to win new opportunities through neutral, lead and master vend agreements, seeing an increase of total contractor billings by 34% as a result, over a six month period. Engage accompanied the agency to several of these client pitches to describe how the client would benefit from the use of the Engage platform. Engage onboarded the client and all supplier agencies in each case.


Direct business growth: starting from a base of 250 temps on site when Engage was implemented, the agency has enjoyed an uplift in billings of 34% to date and this continues to grow.

Efficiency savings: less back office admin and less management involvement has directly led to more/better preparation for client pitches and an improved win rate, according to the MD.

No margin erosion: Engage charges the agency a small, fixed fee of £1.99 per weekly timesheet. There is no impact on rates agreed between the client and agency vendor.

Costs that scale with growth: the VMS fee charged to agencies only ever applies during a live placement and increases in line with increased business. A truly ‘pay as you go’ model that falls in the event of any decline in contractor billings. So there is no business risk in taking on the platform.

Client relationships are improved, not restricted: unlike most Master Vendor frameworks, direct client to vendor relationships are preserved with Engage, as a neutral technology platform allowing collaboration and safeguarding supplier worker data.

Cutting Edge, Cloud-Native Technology

Many VMS platforms have evolved from on-premises software solutions originally built over a decade ago.  Engage has been developed within the last five years as a cloud only platform accessible through any internet browser and is mobile-optimised. Its modern architecture supports continuous deployment of new functionality as the platform continues to follow a solution led development philosophy.


“Adopting Engage in our back office made us more efficient, but the VMS gave a completely new sales tool. Clients have been really keen to get onboard with it.” 




Ben Wardleworth, Business Development Director


020 8068 2900