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Why should placing candidates abroad be relevant for your business?

Few TEAM Members place or even think of placing outside the UK…. Are they right? 

Few TEAM Members place or even think of placing outside the UK - ‘International Business’ rarely surfaces at regional meetings. As marketing director of ItsInternational - a long-standing TEAM service provider - I am disappointed but not really surprised most Members consider ‘making international placements’ a business only accessible by other recruiters.

Placing permanents abroad is usually as straightforward as it is in the UK - Similar processes delivering a one-off commission for each placement and setting you a constant challenge to unearth new clients.

Much higher commissions can be generated from placing interims or consultants overseas on fixed-term assignments - This yields regular commission from each placement, regular contact with clients and being more in touch with the local market. Work only with quality service providers who can ensure those placements are structured correctly and operating within the laws of the countries of work.

I suspect many TEAM Members perceive operating outside their geographic comfort zones as complicated, thereby presenting far too many commercial and statutory challenges - The reality is that perception can swiftly change if they work with the right outsourced support. Those Members will then understand ‘international’ can be a lot less stressful than placing here in the UK!

Do not dismiss ‘International’ as an arena exclusively for “bigger” recruitment businesses - because nothing could be further from the truth - Most of those “bigger” agencies started life as locally-focused, SME-size, specialist recruiters who initially identified and learnt to capitalise on small opportunities to extend their reach in a controlled way – geographically and by business sector.  Some have literally made the world their SME oyster!

Most of the commercial and statutory challenges facing TEAM Members, like you in your local marketplace, are mirrored abroad - The global TEAM/NPAworldwide membership and support network facilitated by providers such as ItsInternational combine to give you a real advantage over the so-called “global” recruiters.  It is this message which needs to be shared selectively with ‘appropriate’ existing and potential clients.

It starts with opening your mind to opportunities you overhear from existing clients - This is not rocket science. Start by listening out for opportunities previously ignored (traditionally dismissed as “not my area of expertise”, “outside my catchment”, etc.).  Why not extol the virtues available to you now of being “a local specialist with a global reach”?

You surely have at least one client with international links, perhaps one with an overseas branch or a foreign subsidiary or even an international customer! - With some gentle prodding, that same client could make you aware of a skill shortage in one of those businesses waiting to be successfully filled.

Why shouldn’t you look to benefit financially and, at the same time, enhance your reputation with that client? - You have a pool of candidates to choose from – from your own database and/or from the TEAM / NPA network. 

All large international recruiters claim they enjoy a close relationship with their clients, understand their businesses, know their required skill sets - In my experience, SME recruiters like you are far more likely to excel in those attributes as well as be faster in delivering a client’s needs.  In fact, ‘client care’, ‘placement care’ and ‘proper compliance’ are surely your bedrock, not a lip service.  The good news is all these qualities are easily transferable from the UK to overseas.

As a TEAM Member you have free access to the TEAM INTERNATIONAL HELPLINE where you can discuss how to release your potential for generating profitable placements outside your home country.  

Either email or simply call 020 7477 2660 for a complimentary consultation on how to unlock opportunities you may have always presumed were beyond your reach.  We’ll need no more than 20 minutes to uncover ways you can open up just one fresh and highly profitable placement overseas.  You truly have nothing to lose.


Mike Phillips - ITS International