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Sharing Recruitment Knowledge - Why Recruiting a Recruiter is a bit like Gardening!

Have you ever heard it said that plumbers have blocked drains, hairdressers have split ends or gardeners an overgrown garden? It can often be hard to apply your profession to yourself, and in the same way, selling to a salesperson or recruiting a recruiter can feel difficult and often overwhelming.

As a recruiter-turned-trainer, I have a lot of connections in the recruitment world and a lot of conversations with those still working within it. If there’s one problem I see occurring time and time again, it‘s the lack of experienced recruiters looking for work.

This underlying problem isn’t specific to recruitment either. When I was hiring new staff members into my telemarketing team I came up against the same issues. Experienced sales people were either settled in their jobs and not looking to move or getting close to retirement age. So, what did I do?

I decided to grow my own! I hired candidates with the right skill sets and attitude and provided training to develop those raw skills into the selling talent I needed.

While it may seem counterintuitive to choose an ‘underqualified’ person, there are many benefits:

  • You’re investing in new talent and building the experienced recruiters of the future
  • They’re not too set in their ways, so you can train them to fit your specific organisational needs
  • You’re feeding the industry. If they decide to leave your business, the overall talent pool becomes wider
  • They’re less likely to leave in the first place as they will know you are invested in their development

For example, one of my sales team came to me from a customer service background. I saw in her the desire to solve problems by asking questions - key skills that I needed. With some added training she’s now a great salesperson.

So, what are the qualities you should look for?

  • Relationship Builder - recruiters communicate with lots of people each day. They need to be able to connect quickly and build strong relationships with candidates, clients and each other!
  • Thinking Outside the Box - having an open mind and seeing the potential in people and situations is crucial.
  • Problem Solver - things change all the time, recruiters need to come to you with a keenness to problem solve.
  • Good Communication Skills - clarity is king, if a candidate can communicate with thought and tact, they’re going to make a good recruiter.
  • Target Driven - recruitment, as you know, is a highly competitive and fast paced industry. New employees must have excellent time management skills, perform well under pressure and be highly motivated by hitting targets.

So, why is recruiting a recruiter a bit like gardening?

Sometimes you get lucky and find the perfect flower, fully grown and ready to plant. Other times you have to start from a seed and grow your own!


Julie Futcher - Owner

The Sales Manager

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