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Emotional Intelligence

At a recent workshop for Business Managers on the topic of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, it included an exercise in which the delegates listed their ideas for promoting a positive working environment for their teams. Here are the top 7 tips they came up with:

  1. Promote a culture that everyone feels a part of, rather than apart from, by rotating the team meeting host so everyone gets to chair the meeting in turn.
  2. Use an old-fashioned “suggestions box” with a prize for the best idea every week to give the team a say in innovative ideas.
  3. When setting goals and objectives, let the team members decide themselves how they will go about achieving them. People love the freedom to decide how to go about a challenge.
  4. Use “newsflashes” to promote individual successes and circulate to other teams – celebrate success.
  5. Promote the importance of the whole teams targets, as well as individual ones, to give context and meaning to goals, objectives and KPI’s. People are motivated by their contribution to the bigger picture.
  6. Mistakes are good! Use the things that don’t go as well as we might like as great learning opportunities.
  7. Regular reviews are a great way to make sure the individuals in the team are clear in their understanding of what is expected of them and use the teams goals to reinforce why we do what we do.

Jamie Abbott - Head of Learning & Development

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