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Can Recruiters Benefit from Using Video? 

"What would the video say?  It costs too much, it will take too much of mine or my team's time."   These are the common responses from recruiters when asked about whether they are using video to add value to the recruitment process.  However, none of these reasons need be a blocker to move 'use video' off your to-do list.    And here’s why:

What Would the Video Say?

Video is a really useful competitive tool for recruitment agencies as it can help differentiate your agency in an authentic and personal way.  It can also help you to align your values and culture to that of your clients.

The opportunity for what can be said in a video is vast; however, when starting out in video you can broadly choose from four effective video themes that would add value to your recruitment.  Each video will either show what your agency is like to work for, what your agency can offer clients or what value your candidates can bring, helping you to attract better suited candidates, engage new clients and hire new recruiters.

  • Video to showcase the company culture - click here

Show candidates, clients and recruiters what it would be like if they chose to work with your agency, for your agency, or have your agency act on their behalf.

  • Video that lets existing recruiters, clients and candidates tell your story - click here

Testimonials are powerful.  Statistically, a candidate will study an average of seven reviews before applying for a role (click here) and often across different platforms.  Use your agency's established relationships to help sing your praises.

  • Video to demonstrate your recruiter knowledge and value

Position your agency as a valuable recruitment partner not simply a supplier.  Turn your agency knowledge, bank of white papers or Q&As expertise into video, so becoming a 'go to' reference point for candidates and clients alike.

  • Video to showcase your networking events - click here

Show how well connected your agency is and what opportunities your agency can offer both its candidates and clients.

It Costs Too Much

For many recruitment agencies, a video is often produced for your website homepage.  However, a video can be used much more widely.

Indeed, Totaljobs, Reed and Monster all allow video to be added to company pages and job posts in various ways.  This means that you can use video to further optimise your job posts (click here) to attract more candidates.  A study by CareerBuilder found that job postings with a video received 12% more views than postings without video, as well as a 34% greater candidate application rate.

In addition, according to Talentworks, 48% of candidates used social to find their latest job search in 2017 (click here) with social video generating 1200% more shares than text (click here).

Producing a video and using that video across all your agency recruitment channels – your job boards, social media and website – makes it much more of an investment rather than a one off cost.

It Will Take Too Much of Mine or My Team's Time

The word video can seem daunting.  What does it involve?  A day long production complete with a multitude of cameramen?

Other than filming an event, which is determined by a specified time, the process of filming the other three videos noted above would typically take approximately two to three hours. Often filming can be carried out by one cameraman and be conducted at your office, therefore keeping disruption to a minimum.

For recruitment agencies that adopt video and cross it off their 'to-do' list, the opportunity to engage in a more authentic and personal way with clients and candidates can add real benefit to the recruitment process.

For more information on video please contact , Lara Doherty at From the Hip Video on 0844 3758876


Lara Doherty, Head of Marketing Communications

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