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GDPR: How to prepare your Recruitment business

The GDPR has been the hot topic for the past six months and is set to ramp up until the enforcement date (25th May 2018) and beyond.

Specialist GDPR recruiters, GDPR consultancies, GDPR compliance software are springing up across the market, reflecting the expected $7.8bn anticipated to be spent across Europe by companies preparing for the regulation.

The GDPR applies to all types of business. Recruitment, being fundamentally a data sharing industry, has some specific considerations for GDPR compliance. Obsequio Software has written the first in a series of articles looking at specific recruitment considerations.

This first article outlines:

  • Types of personal data recruiters are likely to process
  • Typical processing activities you will undertake
  • Obligations under the GDPR with practical recruitment examples
  • Steps you can take to prepare your business for the regulation

The full article can be read here -

The next in the series will focus on practical considerations when sending CVs to clients (transferring personal data to a 3rd party)


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