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A Pat on the Back and a Tick in the Box – Is it Important to Look Back at the Year?

At this time of year, it is sort of expected that you sit down and write a reflective article. As a business who is involved with helping recruitment start-ups, we can't take things at face value. So, when I sat down to write this one I asked myself the following:

"Why does everyone look back on the year"?
It's an important question because despite the seemingly obvious answer it needs a bit more thought. I will come back to why I decided to go ahead with this article at the end - for now though in a nutshell, here is our year.

  • We grew
  • We did well
  • Some things went wrong, but most things went well.

I could go into detail, but overall that is what happened. So now I can pat myself on the back for a good year, note that some things didn't go to plan and put a tick in the box for having looked back - but I wouldn't actually achieve anything by doing that.

It is obvious from our business that we have done well, and if the reverse had been true that would also be obvious. The most important thing in any business is to learn from the previous period and to plan for the coming one. The past is gone, but the future is there to be changed.

So, in the coming year, we have some great things either already rolling out or planned.

We have been asking ourselves how we help start-up recruitment businesses more so currently underway are the following:

  • Our free start up-guide for recruiters is available to download on the website. It is full of useful information to help you get through the difficulties start-ups can face in the first few months.
  • Our blogs will continue to roll out and we will focus on the guidance and hints and tips that you really need.
  • The first of our video guides are available on our YouTube channel. These are intended to give you quick parcels of things to think about as you start your fledgeling recruitment business.
  • Our website will continue to expand and we will be adding more useful tips and tools such as our GDPR checker over the year.

This is all part of our on-going commitment to making new businesses successful. It's our way of offering additional support that will be meaningful and useful. On the subject of which, to be helpful, we would really welcome any suggestions you have for new topics to cover, or feedback in the support we offer.

As far as the structure of the business goes, we can look forward to the following in 2018. Continued growth is clearly a given because we have been very successful and there are no signs of that not continuing. As a summary, we are planning the following for 2018:

We will be focusing on internal recruitment. While we are always on the lookout for good people, we are specifically on the hunt for those who share our values, ethos of support and guidance and have something they can bring to the role. We are unique in our approach, so we need unique people.

I say this one with a mixture of pleasure and pain; we will be moving into new offices. Pleasure because we have grown to a level where we need more space to support our continued growth but if you have ever moved offices I am sure you know where the pain is.

We will be developing our approach to our customers and widening our services to accommodate additional sectors. More on this as time passes but for the moment let's just say we have some great plans.

Finally, I promised you an answer about why I decided to write this article. Well, the answer is that I honestly didn't see the point of writing a ‘things we did last year' kind of article, but I realised what I wanted was for you to share in the plan for next year. As we say in our video on planning for your business, your focus should be to always have a plan. It may change, it may not, it may be 100% right, or it may just provide milestones for you to hit; your plan will tell you where you intend to be and what you intend to do.

For me looking forward and planning to achieve will always be more important than looking back. So yes, review the year but do it to inform your plan, and help you focus on what is to come.