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2018 is Here – What’s Next for Recruitment?

2017 saw employers focusing much more on employee wellbeing and welfare.  This resulted in companies looking to recruit, concentrate on creating and maintaining a healthy and positive environment, ensuring happiness, good health and proactive engagement. By maintaining these types of strategies, the chances of attracting the best talent are heightened and the corporate culture of the organisation is vastly improved.  This makes the job of the Recruitment Agency a much easier one.

But what for 2018? The New Year is bound to bring with it many fresh new trends that will make a positive difference to the way that Recruiters perform and interact. Research carried out in 2017 showed that 65% of Recruitment agencies plan to invest more money into digital devices, so the best agencies will already be planning ahead by taking this into consideration when upgrading their processes and systems.  

The dynamics of digital

Already used to working with sophisticated technology, Recruiters can look forward to digital tools and systems being more user-friendly and bespoke to suit their particular organisation; rather than having to do with ‘one-size-fits-all’, equipment will be far more tailored to suit individual processes.  Instead of making do with a generic CRM, agencies will be able to requisition a system that will fit in entirely with their existing procedures. This will heighten efficiency and save a great deal of time and effort.  AI and virtual reality will also be inbuilt into many mobile devices allowing teams on the move to interact more intelligently.  With many practical tasks thus becoming automated, Recruiters will have more time available to focus on crucial strategies and ensuring that employee fitness, both physical and mental, is taken care of.

Making the working environment pleasurable

As millennials continue to influence the workforce they expect their workspace to be well-equipped and enjoyable, attending to their every need.  Things such as coffee and water machines, restaurants, napping facilities and even sports/gym amenities should no longer be reserved for just the crème de la crème.  

As human beings, people perform far better and are much healthier when work seems like fun.  The best organisations are tapping into this and realising that providing an outstanding employee experience actually counts for far more than purely corporate culture and engagement. Recruitment Agencies need to be aware of what extra benefits their clients offer in order to attract and engage prospect candidates.


Finally we get down to the forensics and workforce analytics that can map out the degree of employee engagement and performance with job roles.  Recent research has shown that 84% of management are looking at investing in this type of analytics. With many analytics being predictive as well as factual, Recruiters can make use of key insights and react to events before they occur to ensure they are providing the best service possible back to their client.

So, 2018 is going to be an exciting and provocative year for the Recruitment industry.  Those that take account of the new trends set to hit in 2018 and plan ahead now will be the ones that produce the best results.


Lucy Saysell

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