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5,000th Apprentice Placed in a Job

Introducing apprentice Thomas Fougler, the 5,000th unemployed young person placed by TEAM Service Provider Key Recruitment and Training in the last 5 years.

Thomas is an apprentice at St Benedicts Insurance in Norwich and wins an iPad Mini from SkillsFirst Awards, sponsors of an award for every 1,000 unemployed young person we place in a job with an apprenticeship.

Thomas Fouglers’ Experience:

After finishing my first year at College I realised I wanted to go out and tackle something different. Half-way through my second year at College I applied for an Apprenticeship in London for a Junior Broker and enjoyed every minute of it. Unfortunately, I had to leave a month into the Apprenticeship due to the travel to work not being feasible.

Now not knowing what I could or wanted to do, I found Key Training via the Government website. Once I applied Key Training helped me find all the roles I would enjoy and could possible apply for. After a few interviews and unfortunately not liking the jobs I went for, Molly from Key Training got in touch with me about an upcoming Apprenticeship with an Insurance broker- St Benedict’s Insurance and with a bit of help from Molly she arranged an interview with my now boss Les Cooper. Before and after the interview Molly always made sure everything was ok and always asked how it went or if I needed anything she always gave out tips and tricks of what to do and say to impress the employer. The interview went better than I expected. It was a lot more relaxed than I expected and the preparation I received from Molly made me feel more at ease

Before I began my Apprenticeship, I completed a three-Month Traineeship programme which gave me time to settle into my work place and to get used to the new surroundings. Throughout the three months period it gave me time to decide if this role was right for myself and to get used to the daily routine and the people I would be working with. I also received support in relation to my Functional Skills. Key Training was on hand 24/7 making sure everything was going well whilst also having regular contact with my manager to see how I was getting on, or if he had an issues or queries with the Traineeship. I felt very supported throughout my Traineeship.

Once the 3 months of my Traineeship had ended, it was agreed that I would progress onto my Apprenticeship with St Benedict’s Insurance, which I was very happy about.  When I had progressed onto my Apprenticeship I received a telephone phone call from Molly to check on how everything was going and how I was settling in to my new role. After a week I received a further phone call from Molly to confirm the appointment with my new assessor. When meeting with my Training Consultant, they set me up on Ecordia and explained how it worked and gave me a little presentation on how it all worked and why I needed to do it. My Training Consultant also took me through all the units and explained how this related to my job role. Half way through my Traineeship I had trouble with Ecordia, but from the first day it crashed Key Training were constantly making sure it was going to be up and running soon and I was receiving updates from Molly over the phone weekly about what I needed to do during the time it wasn’t working and I never got behind on either my Traineeship work or my daily duties at work.

I am now half way through the third month of my apprenticeship role and I am taking everything onboard and understanding things I would never know without the Apprenticeship Programme . The scheme has given me the opportunity to learn whilst also gaining experience and knowledge first hand from my colleagues. Even though I enjoyed college, I personally feel that I have gained a lot more knowledge and understanding of the real world of work through an Apprenticeship.

I can’t thank Molly and the Staff enough at Key Training for everything that they have done for me, I would happily recommend them to anyone who was thinking of gaining an Apprenticeship!

Feedback from St Benedict’s Insurance - Les Cooper – Managing Director.

We have not previously experienced the Apprenticeship Scheme at St Benedict’s but think it is a great way to select new staff to join our expanding team

St Benedict’s Limited is an insurance broker based in Norwich and has more than doubled its staff over the last twelve months and with Key Training we have found the perfect partner to further the integration of new personnel. It is always a difficult time when recruiting new staff and it is reassuring to know that the people available via the Apprenticeship Scheme are of such a good standard.

It was great to get Thomas for the 13-week Traineeship which gave him the chance to work on his Maths and English; this enhanced his skills prior to commencing his apprenticeship. It was perfect for us as we were able to asses Thomas and it gave him a chance to settle into the role. He and we also benefitted from more support from Key Training during this period.

With Thomas, Key Training has provided us with excellent service and we were fortunate to be involved in the whole recruitment process. Mark who is Thomas’ mentor has found the support from Key Training to be of great help when creating a structured learning programme for Thomas.

In the time Thomas has been with us he has been involved in most aspects of our day to day operation and has even spent time at exhibitions showcasing our products. He is great to have around the office and has fitted in well with the existing team. With continued support, I am sure he will turn out to be a great asset to St Benedict’s.