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Test Your GDPR Knowledge

Recruitment testing specialists and TEAM Service Providert ISV Software, have added 2 new tests to their platform ISV Online covering the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Available immediately, these new GDPR assessments will test your knowledge on the regulations which are a hot topic in the recruitment industry right now. If you can’t wait, dive in and take the test straight away.

There are 2 tests to choose from, a quick assessment and more a comprehensive one, of 20 and 40 questions respectively. These are selected at random from a bank of 60 questions. Both tests measure the recipient’s knowledge of the GDPR.

Our unique results capabilities mean you will be able to see not only how well the subjects performed, but also drill into those results and see which disciplines of the GDPR they are proficient (or not) in, and how well they stack up proportionally against other results sets.

These GDPR tests are considered suitable for subjects who have a good grounding in the GDPR, and could be used as a stepping stone to assess areas of knowledge for the more advanced EU-GDPR-F examination.

Later, we will also be releasing additional training and testing content, to assist recruitment clients and partners with their obligations to use appropriate technical and organisational means. As a result, it is enabling clients to not only train staff appropriately for their role in the GDPR and general information security, but then test that understanding, and track it for continuous development.

Test your knowledge today and sign up to take our GDPR test!

You might also find our group GDPR hub useful – it’s packed full of useful resources like Whitepapers and Top Tips to get your business GDPR ready.


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About ISV Software:

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The company has a portfolio of over 200 published materials dedicated to finding the right candidates, for the right roles then developing their skills. The company’s skills assessments are the preferred choice for the UK Recruitment Agency Market with 7 of the top 10 UK Recruiters using ISV in all or part of their business. ISV are owned by Dillistone Group Plc a leader in the supply and support of recruitment software. Dillistone was admitted to AIM, a market operated by the London Stock Exchange plc, in June 2006.

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