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5 Big Questions You NEED to Ask of Your Recruitment Website

If you run a recruitment agency, then your website is undoubtedly your most valuable digital asset. Not only is it your digital hub, it’s a key platform for branding and generating leads. 

But do you think you’re getting the most from your website? Is it really delivering true business benefit?

Whether it’s time for an update or you just want to step back and assess, here are five questions you need to ask yourself about your recruitment agency website .

1. Is your website being found by Google?

What we really mean is: how would you rate your SEO?

In case you’re not quite sure what we’re talking about, SEO stands for search engine optimisation . This is the process of using keywords, links and even social media to boost

your position in Google’s rankings.

Tell me, how good are you at attracting new clients and candidates?

Google is one of the best ways to attract unique and organic traffic to your website,

especially if you recruit for a wide range of industries.

This is because, rather than relying on people already being familiar with your business,

SEO allows you to be found for a whole host of search terms.

‘IT recruitment agency’

‘Staff in Manchester’

‘Manufacturing jobs’

If your website isn’t bringing in enough of the right people, then you might need to take a look at your current SEO strategy (if you have one!).

2. Does your website reflect your brand?

Every recruitment agency is unique , but not every website is.

Branding is one of the most important tools for differentiating yourself from the competition - and your website is the perfect place to show it.

When designing a website though, it can be easy to leave out personality in favour of things

like functionality - or simply a quick completion date.

The thing is, if your website doesn’t show your personality, your visitors aren’t going to see what makes you, you.

And let’s not forget, brands are fluid . This means that your current voice might be completely different to what it was five years ago.

Does your website reflect your current brand? No?

Then it might be time for an update.

3. Is your website mobile-friendly?

31% of clients and 55% of candidates use a mobile device to look for recruitment agencies.

Can you afford to be missing out on this traffic, just because your website doesn’t adjust to the small screen?

Web trends are constantly changing and users now expect to be able to access whatever they need via their phone or tablet.

We’ve all experienced a website that isn’t mobile friendly. They’re clumsy, unintuitive and almost certainly lead to a quick exit.

It’s for these reasons that Google has started to prioritise mobile friendly websites in its search results.

So if your site isn’t mobile responsive, not only will you be putting off visitors, you’re going to find it harder to attract new ones.

4. Do your pages have a low bounce rate?

Your bounce rate (which you can find via Google Analytics) is the number of people who click on and off your website without taking any other action - in other words, they only view the page they entered.

While a high bounce rate isn’t a problem for a single page website (such as a blog), it’s not so good if you need visitors to click through to other pages.

An acceptable bounce rate is determined by the purpose of the page.

For instance, if a visitor enters your site via the ‘contact us’ or ‘services’ page, then they may have found exactly what they’re looking for and have no need to enter other parts of the site.

On the other hand, if visitors enter via the homepage, and this is designed to drive them to other pages and generate leads, then a high bounce rate (anything north of 55%) isn’t great.

A high bounce rate is a surefire sign that something is amiss with your landing pages .

● Is the content not engaging enough?

● Are load times slow?

● Does the user experience fail on a mobile device?

Whatever it is that’s stopping people from exploring your website, you need to do some investigating and remove those barriers.

5. Are visitors becoming clients and candidates?

When it comes to ROI, you need to be turning traffic into customers .

You could be attracting a million visitors a day, but what’s the point if no one’s bothering to take that next step and interact?

In web speak, we’re talking about conversion rates. For a recruitment agency, this is the proportion of traffic that’s converting into clients or candidates.

If the number of engagements isn’t quite matching up against the number of visitors, then your website may need a touch of conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

CRO is the data led process of turning visits into clicks . It can be changing the colour of a button, editing a line of copy or making the user experience a little more slick.

When looking for a return on investment , your conversion rate is one of the most important metrics to reflect upon. Of course, you’re going to want to look at the number of

visits or page views, but these mean little if no one’s getting in touch!

In closing…

If you’re unsure of whether your website is adding value to your agency, hopefully the questions above have given you something to think about.

Answering ‘no’ to any of these could justify an update (or complete redesign). After all, what’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t deliver business benefit?


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Distinct Digital

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