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The Candidate is King

Let’s face it, if you don’t have them, you can’t place them.

New TEAM Service Provider Pompelmo discusses two of the key challenges a niche recruiter faces in today’s war for the attraction of new candidates, clients and new staff for your agency.

Mobile Search

Becoming the device of choice, 86% of jobseekers who have a smartphone would use it to search for a job. It is essential to be optimised for mobile, as it is key for increasing candidate traction as well as for getting seen. Getting your company or brand found can be achieved by optimising your website specifically for mobiles (not just being a responsive site) as it improves the company’s SEO. Google favours websites that are optimised properly. With around 60% of all traffic coming from mobile users, not having a mobile friendly website will dramatically damage the ability to gain new candidates. (We all know people like to find what they are looking for in seconds otherwise they will look elsewhere). Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) further ratifies this, with Google ranking AMP pages higher in their mobile search pages. 

Impatience of Job Seekers

All of us want everything online in about 1.5 seconds flat, and within the least number of clicks before we look somewhere else. Using social media actually helps this, with short, snappy content which attracts candidates and links to the specific page they’re looking for. Additionally, making your website easy to navigate and clearly set out, mean pages are found quicker, meaning candidates will get to the required page before losing interest. 

Candidates choose the medium to interact with you and you’ve got to be ready. Whether its YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. People are always ready to judge your brand and make the decision about choosing you, based on how you make them feel. Therefore, focus on portraying brand values and company culture on social media over the available jobs. You will find this makes people feel more comfortable with the company and more willing to work with you.

But don’t be complacent! Once they’ve found you, they want instant gratification! Don’t take them to your homepage, they want to go straight to the page most appropriate to their search i.e. the jobs page or your services page. The landing page is crucial to the success of the company. By directing potential candidates to a page that isn’t relevant to where they want to be on your website, will result in losing valuable candidates. Even if you get a high rate of traffic coming from your social media platforms, with incorrect landing pages or a difficult to navigate website, will lead to fewer conversions. 

As they say, it’s a jungle out there and you need to be prepared to fight the battle and win! Pompelmo specialise in helping recruitment companies do just that.

As a thank you to TEAM for allowing Pompelmo to join, TEAM Members are entitled to a free Web, Marketing & Branding heath check between now and August 30th, 2017. Email for more information.

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