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SAFERjobs Launches a New Framework for Recruiters

SAFERjobs, the non-profit organisation created by the Metropolitan Police and supported by Employment Agency Standards (BEIS) have recently announced a new framework for recruiters.  The set of Good Practice Principles for recruitment agencies complements and reinforces established industry standards and SAFERjobs are asking Recruitment Agencies who agree to abide by these Principles to include the SAFERjobs message and logo on their websites. 

Who are SAFERjobs

SAFERjobs are a Community Interest Company created by the Metropolitan Police and supported by Employment Agency Standards (Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy) and the DWP. SAFERjobs have UK Government support through a Patron at the House of Lords and a House of Commons Sponsor. SAFERjobs advised over 0.75m job seekers last year and prevented over £0.5m in fraud. SAFERjobs also recently worked to prevent numerous recruitment companies become victims to contractor fraud. Recent work can be seen here Recruiters with a combined monthly traffic of 104m already advertise SAFERjobs to job seekers.

Why Should Recruiters Work with SAFERjobs?

A recent Recruiter Magazine article showed that 8 in 10 recruiters believe more should be done to tackle this issue, 56% of recruiters believe this is now a big issue, and 62% of recruiters say they do not educate candidates on job scams. By working with SAFERjobs recruiters can show they put job seeker safety at the heart of their business. In September 2016 Employment Minister, Damian Hinds MP, advised all job seekers to visit the SAFERjobs website when searching for work - SAFERjobs is also promoted by the DWP and Job Centres to candidates.

Working with SAFERjobs is now also part of the new HTE Framework for supplying staff to the NHS, and recently CCS announced their support of SAFERjobs through their new Assurance Framework.

How Do We Work with SAFERjobs?

There is no cost to working with SAFERjobs and all they ask is the recruitment company carries the Metropolitan Police-agreed text and SAFERjobs logo on their website and in candidate literature:

"To stay safe in your job search we recommend that you visit SAFERjobs, a non-profit, joint industry and law enforcement organisation working to combat job scams. Visit the SAFERjobs website for information on common scams and to get free, expert advice for a safer job search."

SAFERjobs ask recruiters to confirm they adhere to the straightforward Principles of Good Recruitment Practice which requires all organisations to follow UK law, adhere to sector-specific standards, share information with SAFERjobs, and resolve job seeker issues should they occur. The full Code can be seen below:

Recruitment Companies should:

  1. Meet the requirements of the Employment Agency legislation;

  2. Perform agreed standards of agency staff compliance upfront and meet any requisite legislation ongoing relevant to the sector;

  3. Only advertise jobs that do exist and the agency has permission to advertise;

  4. Treat job seeker information confidentially and only share with express consent;

  5. Pay job seekers promptly and correctly within openly agreed timescales and be upfront about any charges to job seekers;

  6. Actively support working with under-represented job seekers such as people with convictions, disabled groups, ex-military personnel, and ethnic minorities;

  7. Have an agreed, transparent process in place to investigate job seeker complaints quickly and professionally;

  8. Supply in writing clear and full information to the job seeker about the work assignment;

  9. Have an easily accessible area of the site dedicated to offering advice of common and prevalent scams with the agreed SAFERjobs text and link;

  10. Have a duty to report and share information about fraud with SAFERjobs.

In return, the recruiter is added to the SAFERjobs site informing job seekers that the recruiter takes job seeker safety seriously. This is valuable PR as potentially 104m job seekers per month see the SAFERjobs message with almost 0.75m visiting the website in the last 12 months. It is a free way to deliver additional customer service, be seen as an organisation who puts safety at the heart of their business, and reassuring to clients. Through SAFERjobs recruiters can also avoid becoming victims of fraud themselves. As media activity escalates, more commentators will urge job seekers to work with SAFERjobs partner organisations. It is a place for agencies to report fraud, breaches of legislation, or criminality they experience as well as receiving information about fraud affecting recruitment companies.

All an agency needs to do is visit the SAFERjobs website ( to make contact to request a copy of the SAFERjobs logo.