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Amoria Bond Grows Business Using RDB ProNet

The global recruitment consultancy Amoria Bond talks about the success they have had with Access software across their entire business. Specialising in contract and perm recruitment for hard to find skill sets, they knew they needed a robust and versatile system that could keep up with their fast paced, fast growth business. Watch the interview here.

Talking about the results the organisation has seen, Operations Director Tracy Jeffery highlighted the benefits of linking their front and back office operations in order to create a space that fosters collaboration between every team. For example, sales, finance and legal teams are able to work in the CRM system staying informed on placements, invoicing and contracts. Increased communication has in turn led to increased efficiencies across Amoria Bond, something that has been critical to their high professional standards.

Discussing the growth plans of the business, Tracy Jeffery said that RDB ProNet system has ‘allowed us to grow’, specifically across ‘four different countries and four different offices’. A single database allows their consultants to pull the same information, regardless of location, keeping everyone on the same page, working towards the same goal.

In addition to using Access’s recruitment software, Amoria Bond also use Access Insights, giving them the ability to provide multiple analytics and reports to the entire business. As a multinational company Tracy Jeffery highlighted the importance of reporting in multiple currencies, across multiple departments and teams, stating that Insights has allowed them to pull reports in an hour, where previously it would have taken a developer weeks, allowing them to make informed decisions quickly.

As users of Access’s CRM, Insights dashboards and Finance software, Amoria Bond has been able to integrate every part of their business to work together to achieve the common goal, and in doing so, they’ve increased productivity, and therefore cash flow.

Watch the interview here.

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