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Registration for Online Apprenticeship Service Opens

The apprenticeship levy comes into force on 6 April 2017 and large employers are being encouraged to register in advance for the online apprenticeship service.

The apprenticeship service is an online digital system (similar to online banking) that has been set up to support the apprenticeship levy.

The online service allows employers to financially manage their apprenticeship programme and help them to estimate their financial spend and recruit apprentices through their training providers. It will help employers:

  • focus on their business priorities
  • address skills shortages head on
  • invest in the skills and training to help their organisations succeed

Despite the apprenticeship levy becoming payable in less than two months, new research undertaken by City and Guilds has suggested that one-third of UK employers eligible to pay the levy remain unaware of its presence.

Under the scheme levy rules, UK employers with an annual pay bill of or over £3 million will be required to pay an apprenticeship levy at a rate equivalent to 0.5% of their payroll costs. All companies will be at liberty to claim money from the levy to subsidise the hire of apprentices.

Those employers who are aware of the levy recognise its merits with 34% of respondents appreciating its positive contribution to the quality of training and 43% recognising its ability to give employers greater control over the apprenticeship system.

For more information and guidance on the apprenticeship levy sign up for Brabners’ webinar on 29th March 2017 entitled “The Apprenticeship Levy and its Impact on Your Business”.

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