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Staying Healthy this Festive Season!

Whilst WPA are specialist Health and Medical Insurers – we believe that being forewarned and advised is the best way to be prepared – so here are some useful links to help you, your colleagues and your customers to have a healthy time over this winter and festive season.

Is it always a good idea to come into work with a cold? – I don’t think so and if you must be in the company of others the following information may be of use to help prevent spreading germs and getting those nasty bugs!  You will find further information here on how to look after yourself and how to tell the difference between a cold and the flu.

One of the concerns that I personally have is combating the weight gain we all get over the festive season.  The combination of alcohol, sugary food (including bread and fruit) and general over indulgence all add up to an ever-enlarging waistline, headaches and unwelcome sugar spikes followed by tiredness.  Looking at this will help to guide you all in the right direction

I had a telephone call one Boxing Day from an NHS patient wanting to get out of hospital as a matter of urgency – don’t let it be someone you know!

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