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Attracting Global Talent

Attracting global talent requires a new perspective. Employers and recruiters alike must think about their marketplace for talent internationally rather than just locally. Based on the studies and reports from those that survey employers, many are experiencing difficulties finding qualified candidates for job openings. In fact, 80% of employers reported difficulties filling openings in Career Builder’s “Skills Gap Study.” So perhaps now is the time for employers to expand their reach and seek candidates in other markets.

From an international recruiter’s perspective, the opportunities that are available to candidates have changed significantly in the past few years. Employers are more aware of a real or pending shortage of talent and have been increasingly open-minded to global talent. The recent Brexit referendum has created a new pool of global talent that is English speaking and ready to move to a new situation. The UK may become an increasingly important source of global talent in the years ahead.

Getting started requires innovative efforts and new methods to connect with the talent that exists internationally. These ideas apply equally to global recruiters working independently and those that are working in-house for an employer. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Connect where the candidates are. Do research to find out what organizations and communities exist and are attractive to the types of candidates you desire. Connect to schools that are graduating degreed individuals that you desire, for example, international engineering schools or medical programs. Are there local communities like Engineers Australia or Philippine Nurses that are hot beds of discussion and offer an opportunity to attract and connect with future candidates?
  • Gain access to alumni groups. Many of these same schools and programs have alumni newsletters and websites that are likely sources of new connections and a global candidate pool.
  • Get social. Start a LinkedIn Group or Facebook page to attract the types of international candidates you want to engage. Using creative ideas like a small gift card to the first 250 members of the group could create a way to speed the population of a new group.
  • Join social discussions. Place your organization or recruitment company into the social dialogue. Get active, offer insight, contribute to the conversation. People will gravitate to those they know and trust.
  • Schedule interviews. It is virtually free to interview. Set aside some time early or late in a day each week to entertain international candidate interviews via Skype or some other distance connecting tool. Have a pool of fully employed global candidates you have met and qualified. When a need arises, you are one step ahead of where you would be absent this initiative.
  • Speak or conduct webinars that will draw the global talent audience you seek to engage.
  • Find partners. Look to establish a connection to an international recruiter or a collection of global recruiters. Two such organizations that work recruitment as primarily contingent recruiters (clients pay for results) are TEAM based in the UK with more than 700 member firms and NPAworldwide based in the US with more than 500 global locations.

Distance is no longer the reason blocking access to global candidates. Technology has enabled connections to anyone virtually anywhere. Leverage the tools out there to connect or make a connection to a partner that can provide access to the global talent that is available to fill your demanding job openings.


Dave Nerz