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Four Reasons Why A Recruitment Agency Should Be Active On Social Media

I was chatting to a recruiter a few weeks ago who claimed “my candidates are not on social media”, we get most of our people via referrals and word of mouth.   This may have been true ten years ago, but I can not think of one sector that would not benefit from having an active social media strategy for their recruitment industry.  Whether you are seeking candidates or nurturing relationships for building a solid client base; social media is now an avenue that must not be ignored. If your head is in the sand, then you will be playing catch-up with the rest of the world when you eventually dip your toe in the water and, believe me, you will be dipping your toes in the social media pond at some point in the future.  

Like any good recruitment business owner, this new potential client challenged me to give him some reasons as to why social media was so critical to his business.  As I went through a list of benefits, I thought to myself "what a good idea for a blog".  So here goes:

Four reasons why a recruiter should be active on social media.

1 – It is the best way to attractive passive candidates

We are living in a world where the candidate is now the driving force of any good agency.

An agency can easily tap into those all important passive candidates by using tools such as LinkedIn, RecruitIn, EmailHunter, Facebook search, FollowerWonk on Twitteretc, etc.  They may not be job seeking at that moment in time, but they may be interested in a role if you ask them!

2 – The ultimate way to drive traffic to your website

Google no longer indexes your website for Google rankings purely based on how well your website is optimised for search (SEO).  Google is now sending it’s robots out to the internet to see if there is a voice or noise about your business elsewhere online.  The louder and noisier the buzz is about your company or business, the better your website will be indexed.  The easiest way to create noise outside of your website is to use social media.  It's a total no-brainer if driving traffic to your site is part of your growth strategy.

3 – Warm those leads for new clients!

Using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or even Facebook can be a great resource for warming up those potential leads.  Before you make that phone call, check out the client or candidates latest posts on LinkedIn, you can then view their recent activity. (Go to their profile, then click the arrow next to where it says "connect or send message".)    Use this information to break the ice with a potential client.  I am a big fan of speaking to new clients rather than emailing as you can easily build rapport quickly when picking up the phone, but having some ammunition up your sleeve certainly makes the initial call easier.  

4 – Consistency of brand

If you are a new start-up agency, or even an established organisation, having an active social media presence will certainly help with your brand awareness.  I am surprised how many times I have checked a recruitment agency's social profiles to find they look and feel completely different to the main website. When your audience sees's your brand online, through social adverts, blogging or just regular updates; it reinforces your consistent message about your organisation, and 


Having an active social media presence is also a good strategy for the internal recruitment process, but that is a blog in itself!


If you are looking for help with social media, whether it be management services or coaching and training then simply call, email or tweet us!



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