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HR GO Recruitment teams up with TEAM

HR GO Recruitment is the newest member of TEAM.  The long-established business with more than 30 outlets across the UK has signed up to the nation’s largest network of independent recruiters.

TEAM Members have a combined annual turnover of £1.5bn, with HR GO, founded in 1959, adding nearly £100 million to that total.

The Membership was unveiled at an HR GO managers’ conference in Ashford where HR GO plc has its head office.

TEAM experts Liz Longman, Managing Director, and Jackie Bennett, Director, explained the benefits the company could expect from Membership.

Liz said a TEAM Member had to be “a nice person to do business with”. “Treat other TEAM Members as though they were your clients.”

TEAM working involves collaboration with other TEAM agencies, maybe to fill job vacancies outside a core area, or perhaps in different specialisms.  Confidentiality was essential, Liz said, because Membership meant sharing information.

Jack Parkinson, HR GO Chairman, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to work together with TEAM Members, particularly in areas where we haven’t got established representation.

“It also relates to national contracts that we’ve won. For example, if we have a requirement for one of our large clients in the West Country and we haven’t an office there, we can talk to TEAM.

“We will then have the pleasure of working with people who are like-minded and aren’t going to be unprofessional in dealing with us or our clients, just as we won’t be unprofessional in dealing with them.

“It’s a very good way of increasing the scope of our operations, and there may be opportunities for us to bid for large national contracts with TEAM Members. It’s a win-win arrangement.”

Cindy Hare, HR GO commercial director, said: “We are really excited to have access to more than 300 additional businesses to help us fill vacancies. They will prove invaluable when we serve national clients in locations where we do not yet have an office. It’s great to be part of TEAM.”

Liz added: “It’s about never having to say no because there is always someone to help you.”

Like all Members, HR GO has signed up to TEAM’s constitution and code of conduct. The network covers more than 90 service providers in around 650 locations nationwide.

TEAM hosts more than 70 meetings a year and provides workshops and training.

 Jack Parkinson - HR GO Company Chairman

Cindy Hare - HR GO Commercial Director


HR GO plc was founded in Dartford, Kent, in 1957. It provides recruitment, human resources, and IT services. HR GO Recruitment places permanent and temporary staff for a wide range of clients across the UK.  It employs more than 200 people in its 30 or more outlets nationwide, and also has a number of joint venture partnerships.  Annual sales are close to £100 million.


Please contact: Sarah Murphy, Group Marketing Manager, HR GO plc - 01233 722496