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TEAM Director Jackie – Run? I thought you said Rum –Networking in the mud!

The day had arrived and the nerves had set in! 

A warm up in the sun, lots of yelling and jumping around and we were off! 

 “it’s a marathon not a sprint, pace yourself”, not difficult when it was uphill, I’ll just walk and jog a little between the obstacles.

SKIDMARKED – 1st obstacle, climb over a wall with the help of your team, ok I got this one.

KISS OF MUD – 2nd obstacle, crawl under some barbed wire, yes I can do this one too.

Feeling positive, eager and enthusiastic, we continue uphill.   Up and over the Bale Bonds (hay bales), round the KILLER GORILLA and over the HERO WALLS, all good!

We now reach ARCTIC ENEMA.   I was dreading this obstacle, slide into a vat of ice and muddy water, swim underneath some tyres and jump out the other end, simples – NOT!  I hit the ice, went into complete shock, got totally disorientated beneath the tyres and tried to come up through them quickly realising I needed to swim further on before resurfacing!  By this stage my brain was confused and struggle to know how to get out of the ice!

Now soaking wet, freezing cold and we are only at mile 3!  Taxi…..?

Over the BALLS to the WALLS obstacle, slid on my back down the KILLER GORILLA, great fun, and onto the

BLOCKNESS MONSTER – another water obstacle.  Push the rotating blocks, jump on, throw yourself off the other side and clamber out of the mud.

Moving on, my legs by now are stiffening up, I’m very wet again and we are only at mile 5.  HERO CARRY – got my partner to carry me on this one (good work), onwards and upwards through SEWER RAT and on to

EVEREST – epic fail!  3m high and slippery, I ran, I fell and found myself at the bottom again. I had to admit defeat and conserve my energy.

Moving on to the FUNKY MONKEY – I was excited, this was what I had been training for, the monkey bars!  One by one my team members attempted this and 2 made it across!  My turn…  One hand on, swing and 2nd hand on and then…  full leg cramps in both legs, arghhh!  I managed to throw myself back to the starting platform and collapse in a heap!  Another fail!


MUD MILE – a river of mud with mounds to climb over, slide down and generally just roll in the mud.  Loved it!

Up another steep hill onto CAGE CRAWL – lay in muddy water and pull yourself along the cage which is on top of you.  Nearly there I can almost smell my cold cider at the finish line!

1 mile to go to ELECTRO SHOCK THERAPY, I think the picture says it all

Over the finish line and we are done, Cider, finishers headband and tee-shirt in hand!

Wow we did it, 11.6 miles, 25 obstacles, mud, rain, ice, water and finally cider!  LOVED IT, who fancies joining me next year for something similar?!

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