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Recruitment Agencies Will Be Extinct In 5 Years. Winter Is Coming….

Dinosaurs are amazing creatures. In their peak, they ruled the earth. From the Tyrannosaurus Rex - a fearsome predator, to the Brachiosaurus - one of the largest animals ever, to the Velociraptor - opportunistically hunting in a pack for it’s next meal.

Then came the Ice-Age. Dinosaurs Gone. Extinct in an instant. A distant memory.

Agency Recruitment has an Ice-Age on the horizon. I’ve called it the Contextual Age.

Recruitment is the business of people.  At it’s core, Recruitment is Sales. Agencies sell to clients - to get their candidates in the door, and (even more so) sell jobs to candidates.

In prior years, the value of any agency has hinged on the company’s database and the individual consultants’ sales ability. Sales ability will always be valuable, however an agency’s database will become irrelevant if it’s not used properly.

This is where the Contextual Age comes to the fore. As the world becomes more interconnected, and people are more easily accessible, an agency’s stagnant database becomes more and more obsolete. It becomes a liability.

Any agency, from the largest in the world, down to the smallest boutiques, will lose any competitive advantage from the information their database holds if they don’t change the way they use it.

What will keep companies alive? Timeliness and context of their data.

Knowing what is happening with all of your valuable candidates and hiring managersas it happens is key.

The second component is being able to leverage these events with context - so as a recruiter, you can jump on the phone and have an informed conversation with them. In a world of so much noise - you’re staying relevant.

“Cold Calling” as we know it is almost dead. Coupling that blind courage with poor timing and you can almost guarantee you’ll get a bad result. It astounds me that many agencies still work in this capacity to some degree. It’s unsustainable.

The great news is, bringing your database to life and using it to fully arm your recruiters with the most recent, contextual information possible, is achievable. That’s why HIRABL was built.

In our experience, many agencies don’t see this writing on the wall. That is both scary and confusing at the same time. Whether it is lack of foresight, an inflated ego, or being suspicious of new technology, one thing is certain: these companies will become extinct.

So the question is - are you going to be a dinosaur, and feed well until you become extinct. Or will you evolve and survive the Ice-Age ahead?


Cale Donovan


Director of Client Services

+44 0 2036 953093 (UK)