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TEAM Director, Jackie - Run? I Thought You Said Rum!

What do you do to mark a big birthday?  Have a party, go on a trip of a lifetime, start a new job? 

I joined TEAM as a Director on 5th April which is a fabulous new challenge so that ticked the “new job” box. 

So now for the physical challenge to prove that I was still capable at 50 years old.

A friend suggested Tough Mudder.  I had a look and thought yes why not, I can run, surely I can climb over a wall, hang on some monkey bars and swing across water on a rope.  So about £100 later I had signed up, dragging 9 friends along with me.

The training began, running 5k 2 or 3 times a week was fine and actually quite enjoyable. 

The Christmas period set me back a bit and added a few extra kilos to pound on the pavement.

Skiing at the beginning of the New Year I thought would help but only managed to tear the cartilage in my knee!

So now the challenge was harder, but onwards and upwards.

I booked a 2 hour “assault course training session” with an ex-military personal trainer to give us some insider knowledge.  

So one Sunday morning in early February the now 7 of us (we were dropping like flies) arrived at an outdoor centre, freezing cold, but feeling fully prepared for some physical exercise.   It took all of around 5 minutes for me to realise that actually I had no upper body strength at all!  2 hours later I agreed to try the final obstacle of the day, the rope swing, resulting in landing in the middle of the water, numb up to my neck and covered in mud.  Oh dear……

2 months on and a very strict gym routine later, I can now do press ups for the first time in my life!  I have 15 days until race day, will I manage the 12 miles and 20 – 25 obstacles with names like The Cry Baby, The Block Ness Monster, Artic Enema and Electrocution????

Watch this space!

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Jackie Bennett