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Offer from new TEAM Service Provider Drewcoaching

Terry Edwards from Drewcoaching has recently joined TEAM.  Terry is the author of ‘The Persuasion, Influencing & Sales Recipe for Recruitment & Search firm owners' and is offering 20 TEAM Members a complimentary copy (available from Amazon for £21.97). Click the link for your copy (postage and packing not included).

When you receive this paperback book: ‘The Persuasion, Influencing & Sales Recipe for Recruitment & Search Firm Owners’…  You will discover:

  • The secret formula used by the top recruiters around the world.
  • How to generate leads without cold calling.
  • What your competitors are doing so they get the business that you want.
  • The 19 words to use at the beginning of every sales meeting to increase your sales by 25%.
  • Why clients will never buy from you and what to do about it.
  • How to get candidates to do what you want.
  • How to work less and earn more money.
  • And so much more to help you get what you want from your business.

Further information on what Drewcoaching has to offer TEAM Members can be found here