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Recruiters Can Brace Themselves For A Busy And Creative Year

What will the remainder 2016 be like for the recruitment industry? In a word, busy. According to Investors in People, 49 per cent of employees are looking to move jobs this year, meanwhile employers remain confident with steady hiring and pay rises.

However chronic skills shortages cast a shadow over the sector, and there are no signs of respite this year. Unemployment is at the lowest rate since January 2006, yet vacancies are at a record high according to the latest ONS data, and its estimated to cost the UK’s economy £10billion a year.

With the supply of eligible candidates drying up, employers are realising they cannot simply throw money at the problem in the form of higher pay packets. Instead, communicating the culture of the company and perks of the job will be among the main priorities this year.

So HR and marketing divisions will be working in collaboration, but not just using the traditional channels. While LinkedIn has already become an indispensable tool, social media is still under utilised. Some HR departments are outpacing recruitment agencies by offering customised job recommendations directly through their Facebook page, with chocks full of information – this may be the year that agencies begin to catch up.

However, we can expect organisations to go even further, and think more creatively about how they source their workforce. For example, can the workforce become more agile in terms of hours worked, and locations - thereby attracting a broader talent pool?

If finding talent is becoming more difficult then staff retention is all the more important. Not only can we expect more diverse recruiting strategies, but employers will also look to tackle the turnover problem by hiring internally for open roles. LinkedIn recently surveyed talent professionals across the UK, and only 11 per cent identified internal hiring as a priority. We expect more employers to move into this space to make the most of what is a great opportunity.

Surprisingly, this is another area where recruitment firms can really add value. Coming into face-to-face contact with candidates moving from one job to the other, they’ve heard the horror stories and the motivations from thousands of applicants. They know better than anyone why people get fed up with their jobs, and they can use this insight to provide invaluable steer on staff retention.

In 2016 the appetite for new recruits isn’t going away, but while the supply of eligible candidates remains dry, the war for talent will only heat up. So this is the year where employers and recruitment agencies will be creative and add more strings to their bows, in order to secure that competitive edge.

Roger Brown

Regional Director

Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance

  • 020 8727 2017