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When will you love Mondays?

With every New Year comes the seemingly obligatory New Year resolutions. Normally, these are a few quickly thought up personal mini objectives, which are then typically broken just 2 weeks into January. But what if one of your resolutions is to get a new job? Will this resolution be broken just as whimsically, or do you hate Mondays enough to stick with it?

On the first working day of 2016, one online job website alone reported 230,166 online applications and 11,975 new jobs being posted. That’s a staggering number of people who have made 2016 the year to make a change.

So if you were one of the 230,166 applicants, what are your top priorities for your new job?

Salary, location and benefits packages regularly top candidate opinion polls, but what about the bigger picture? Will the new company match your own personal values and ethos? Having spent valuable time and effort carefully matching your CV to their online job description, how can you be sure that your potential new employer will look after you and your new career with the same care and attention?

More and more press reports show that candidates like you are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to scoping out new jobs. Matching the values, vision, ethos, culture and even work environment of potential new employers to your own can be a very worthwhile activity.

Often, application and screening experiences are the first opportunities you have as a candidate to evaluate your potential employer, and with no emotional tie-in at that point, it can be a thin line as to whether the relationship is successful or not. Great starts often come with smooth, easy to follow application and screening experiences, in fact:

  • 60% of job candidates reported that they started an application process but dropped out because it was too complicated or lengthy (Recruitment Buzz)

Employers are beginning to understand that to attract and retain the best candidates they need to have time sensitive, efficient, service oriented application and screening experiences which showcase their company. As a candidate, you want to know that you are a priority and that your application will be treated in a timely fashion with the utmost care.

So although you applied for the job on a New Year’s resolution whim, stick with it. Take the time to evaluate potential employers, looking at their values through to their application and screening experience to make sure it suits you.

With the majority of new roles beginning at the start of the week, you too can love Mondays.

Claudine Jacobs
Reed Screening
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