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What’s Eating My Data?

Whether browsing the web, video-conferencing, streaming music or updating your social media, every time you use the internet it is eating away at your data allowance.

Unless you have a contract offering unlimited broadband, everything you do on the internet will chip away at your monthly allocation. However, some activities take a much bigger bite out of your bandwidth than others. The amount of data used when sending emails and visiting web pages, for example, is relatively small compared to data-hungry activities like watching videos or streaming TV.

An hour of web browsing can use up to 25MB, whereas an hour spent streaming standard video will consume around 250MB, and an hour watching HD video can use an astronomical 2GB. Furthermore, if your internet connection is shared with a number of people, all of them keen video-watchers, your data allowance may not be sufficient for your needs.

Keep on top of your data usage

Practical measures, such as limiting the time spent downloading videos to essential non-HD viewing only, and using file compression when emailing large files or storing them online, can make a major impact on the amount of data you use.

Another approach is to keep a close eye on your day-to-day data usage, so you always know whether you should cut back or not. Free data monitors are available online to download. These provide a clear, visual display of how much data allowance you have gone through so far that month.

To eliminate concerns over data usage completely, however, you need an unlimited broadband package with no monthly data allowance. With anunlimited package, there is no restriction on the quantity of data you can download.

The additional freedom gained with an unlimited contract is tempered by the additional cost: unlimited packages are typically more expensive than those with a fixed allowance. If you don't use much data at all, therefore, a package with restricted usage may work out more cost-effective than an unlimited contract.

Get the best from your bandwidth

If you are rethinking your broadband package, you should consider how much data you normally use each month (possibly using a free data usage monitor) and choose a package best suited to your needs. As well as speed and download limits, there is also the cost to consider.

At WESTTEK, we will ensure all business needs are met. Working with a range of Internet Service Providers (ISP) offering a variety of connection packages, we make sure you get the speed, security and service you need to optimise your online productivity.

Alternatively, we can help you monitor your data usage, giving you historic and current tracking that allows you to manage your time on the internet to minimise data transfer and maximise productivity. We can also help you monitor the efficient use of your bandwidth, so you can maintain peak performance and the best value for money.



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