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SAFERjobs releases December activity summary

SAFERjobs (Safe Advice for Employment and Recruitment) has released a summary of activity in December.

Site views, at 40,449, were down for December but this is a predicted trend as traditionally December is the quietest month for recruitment activity. There were a total of 88 reports for the month, with total financial quantity reported in fraud reports at £42,788.92.

Both NASES (National Association of Student Employment Services) and the AoC (Association of Colleges) have written to their members about job scams. Already Cardiff and Manchester Universities have agreed to link their career sites to SAFERjobs. There is also a short piece planned in the next NASES newsletter and a link from their site to SAFERjobs.

The Home Office are chasing an update on permission for SAFERjobs to use their logo and both the Home Office and SAFERjobs will be presenting at the Recruitment Expo in London Feb 3rd and 4th. SAFERjobs will also be presenting at the TEAM Conference on the 12th February.

The main activity currently is the DBS scam which has evolved to Glassdoor Marketing and Ideal1. All participating job boards have been warned and Action Fraud have sent information to NTSB e-crime.