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Revalidation April 2016: Are You Ready?

How? – are you going to compliantly manage, track and successfully complete your revalidation?

How? – are you going to manage the revalidation of colleagues reporting to you?

How? – can you, as a recruitment agency, turn revalidation into a distinct competitive edge?


From 1st April 2016 over 600,000 nurses, midwifes and anyone who relies on their medical skills within their chosen role, must successfully complete the new revalidation process every 3 years; otherwise they will be unable to remain registered with the NMC.

Revalidation is being introduced to continually improve the safety and effectiveness of healthcare provision across the UK; ensuring healthcare professionals develop, reflect and demonstrate the outcomes of their continuous development. Revalidation is widely supported by all concerned, rightly maintaining their pride in their profession and their passion to make the NHS a world leader; but how?

As a recruitment agency, how could you support and follow the spirit of revalidation, whilst helping your end clients and contractors, in a commercially beneficial format?

With the rationale behind the need for revalidation widely supported, the 8 elements of the revalidation process, plus the linking of ‘Reflective Accounts’ to ‘CPD Hours’ and/or ‘Practice Feedback’ plus linking ‘Reflective Discussions’ to ‘Reflective Accounts’; are a genuine concern as to how they will compliantly manage their revalidation portfolio over a 3 year period.

If your role means you will be asked to be a ‘Confirmer’, some common concerns are based around how will you find the additional time required to confirm? How will you keep track of your confirmations? How do you ensure you confirm before key dates are passed?

Revalidation Safe is a new online platform that will enable your agency to:

  • Act as a ‘Confirmer’ for your contractors
    • Ensure they remain compliant to work; reducing the burden on your end clients
    • Support and simplify their revalidation; enabling them to focus on their work
    • Obtain a distinct competitive edge; become a recruiter of choice for all
  • Benefit from comprehensive management reporting
    • Reduce contractor ‘down time’; maintain your timesheet hours
    • Pro-active resource planning; provide continuous end client support
    • Demonstrative evidence of effectively supporting revalidation; enhance your reputation with the trust and confidence of your end clients

We openly ask you to air and share if:

  • You agree the above points would be commercially beneficial to your business?
  • You are still thinking How? How? How?
  • You would like Revalidation Safe to remove your business concerns around the impact of revalidation upon your business.



Roy Beale ACMI

Sales Director

t: 07547 396678